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Peter's first connection with golf was in 1996 when he worked as a site manager on the construction of a nine hole course at Arboretum Volcji Potok, in Slovenia. He continued to manager the course for another two years. In 2000 he joined a landscape company in Ljubljana working mainly on landscape projects, environmental impact assessment studies and environmental evaluation reports. During that time he studied for the Professional Diploma in Golf Course Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. In 2007 he started his own design practice. He has experience with projects in landfill areas and on vulnerable sites, small academy projects, and with 9 and 18 hole golf courses.

Peter strives to create golf courses which are both challenging and enjoyable to the player, as well as in accord with the local natural and social surroundings. What will set this course apart from others is the consideration for local characteristics, history, tradition, special features, contrast, peculiarities etc. Consideration for nature and emphasizing of the local identity are paramount to an ecologically friendly and sustainable architecture, enriching the diversity of courses and making them more recognizable.

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Peter Skofic
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Work Course Country
New 9 hole golf course Golf Academy Stanezice Slovenia
New 18+ hole golf course Golf Course Diners Ljubljana Slovenia
Additional 9 holes, existing course Golf Course Grad Otocec Slovenia
New 9 hole golf course Golf Course Trnovo Ljubljana Slovenia
Short course/par 3 Golf Academy Sempeter Slovenia
New 9 hole golf course Golf Course Grad Otocec Slovenia
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