Date: Tue 15 Mar 2016

Bronze Industry Partner Josef Pötter Golf introduces the Next Generation

With 45 holes plus additional training facilities, in recent years the Kölner Golfclub has set a benchmark in Europe. And not just in terms of quantity, but also and particularly in terms of quality and time management.

Kölner Golfclub
Kölner Golfclub
Kölner Golfclub

Commissioned by building contractor and residential developer Norbert Amand, Managing Partner Guido Tillmanns, golf course architect Heinz Fehring and the Josef Pötter Golf construction company joined forces to install this mega-project covering 91 hectares along Cologne's green belt in record time. After just two and a half years of construction, what is now the largest golf complex in North Rhine-Westphalia was completed in the summer of 2014.

An accelerator turned out to be the bioactive fertilizer concept by turf expert Ian MacMillan (Scotland), which Pötter Golf applied for the first time in Germany to treat the soil prior to seeding and completion. Only organic liquid fertilizers and mineral fertilizers free of salts can increase cation-exchange capacity and the organic substance of nutrient-poor gravel sand soil. Pötter also installed an innovative drainage and irrigation system.

Parts of the golf course were ready for play just six weeks after sowing. Tour pros Maximilian Kiefer and Ben Parker have been frequent and welcome guests in recent months. This is also a kind of seal of approval that attests to the quality of the Kölner GC.

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