Date: Tue 15 Mar 2016

Bronze Industry Partner Team Green shows how to get ‘More for less’

Confronted with reduced water supplies, ever more stringent environmental and pollution regulations and reduced financial budgets, golf course architects are facing a recurrent question: How can we propose more for less?

Ignite creeping bentgrass on a Corsican green

Ignite creeping bentgrass on a Corsican green

Team Green sees today’s challenges as opportunities, rather than insurmountable constraints. Some of our solutions to your challenges:

Profile Porous Ceramics® (PPC): A kiln-fired porous ceramic compliant with USGA specifications, well known for its spectacular water- air-, and nutrient-holding capabilities. Blended with sand in a green mix, PPC increases oxygen levels at the root zone and facilitates drainage when soils are saturated. Its high mechanical resistance and stability over decades, makes Profile® a perfect solution for sustainable golf course creation and maintenance.

Team-Fairway: an elite four species blend, made of recent American cultivars and designed for tees and fairway creation. Enabling fast establishment, excellent tolerance to drought, traffic and diseases, and aesthetic qualities (high density, fine texture and dark color).

Ignite (USA; V8) Creeping Bentgrass: Amazing turf quality earning #1 NTEP rankings with improved dollar spot resistance thereby greatly reducing fungicide applications.
Ignite has one of the finest leaf textures of any creeping bent grass. Best suited to greens, Ignite is well adaptable to tees, fringes and fairways. It thrives in cool and temperate regions. Among the last generation cultivars, Ignite is the high quality sustainable solution you were looking for.

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