Date: Tue 15 Mar 2016

Some articles you may have missed…

Recent articles from Golf Course Architecture, Greenkeeper International Golf Management Europe and the STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management.


In addition to the articles listed here from outside sources, two new articles by members have been published on the EIGCA website – Jeff Howes has written about how golf is good for you (and architects should trumpet this message) and Bruce Weller has looked at sustainable opportunities in designing practice facilities.

The latest issue of Golf Course Architecture includes an interesting article by Adam Lawrence on how architects have solved problems on difficult sites , and one on how Le Golf National is preparing for the Ryder Cup.

John Nicholson writes about trees on golf courses in GMé (Golf Management Europe ) and about how they are managed in an article in GreenKeeper International.

We have received the latest issue of the STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management which includes an article by Steve Isaac (of the R&A) echoing Jeff Howes thoughts on promoting golf, and one on aeration by Larry Gilhuly, Agronomist at the USGA.

The subject of soil is tackled in the latest issue of Greenkeeping in articles by Jay Dobson and the Soil Association.

The American journal Golf Course Industry has articles on designing greens and managing roughs.

Golf Inc. looks at Most influential architects.

All the articles are added to a database which can be searched for research enquiries. EIGCA Members are able to do this themselves by logging into the Members Section of the website. If you are not a member, send your query to me at

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