Date: Mon 27 Jun 2016

ICL’s Sierrablen Plus Renovator 20-20-8 significantly improved seedling density

The turf establishment from seed phase of any grow-in or renovation project is critical.

ICL grow-in trial in progress

ICL grow-in trial in progress

Sierrablen Plus Renovator 20-20-8

There are a number of decisions to make and factors to consider. Selecting the best and most appropriate nutrition for this part of your project is really important.

A recent ‘grow-in’ trial independently conducted at the STRI for ICL-SF showed that Sierrablen Plus Renovator 20-20-8 significantly improved seedling density, and early stage turf quality over and above matched nitrogen levels supplied from a good quality conventional fertiliser.

Dr Andy Owen, ICL International Technical Manager for Turf and Landscape explains ‘Sierrablen plus is our premium technology controlled release, mini-prill, fertiliser.

'This product is extremely effective as a base feed for turf construction and renovation. The coated nitrogen component means there is no loss of nutrient through leaching which we commonly see from conventional fertiliser use for new constructions. Especially through the period when the new grass seed is germinating. The nitrogen you apply is more efficiently used, and your establishment more successful’.

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