Date: Mon 04 Jul 2016

Dimitri van Hauwaert designs course in Les Lacs de L'Eau D'Heure, Wallonie, Belgium

EIGCA Associate Member Dimitri van Hauwaert has, with Southwest Greens Construction, completed construction of a unique golf course project in the Wallonie region of Belgium.

Les Lacs de L'Eau D'Heure

The golf course is located in the Lacs de l’Eau D’Heure Lake region south of Brussels, a tourist destination awarded the European Destinations of Excellence Award in 2010 as a non-traditional tourist spot.

“The site is stunning, one of the best I have seen, with gorgeous views of the lake,” said Dimitri. “It would be difficult not to make a great golf course here. In addition, the synthetic option provided by Southwest Greens Construction makes this project one of the most ecological in Europe. There are no pesticides or chemicals needed to maintain the course. Working alongside Southwest Greens Construction has been a pleasure. They are the best in their field of expertise. I have looked at other products out there, and I believe that Southwest Greens product is the only one that can deliver the appropriate ball roll and ball bounce that is required for a golf course like this.”

The project, owned and managed by Pro1Golf, consists of a nine-hole golf course, along with three practice experience holes, a driving range with tee lines, uniquely designed target greens, a nine-hole pitch & putt golf course and a nine-hole fun putting course. Construction is now finished on a driving range and pitch and putt, and championship golf course.

“Pro1Golf’s facility is a fantastic venue to demonstrate the variety of our company’s product portfolio,” said Kevin Holinaty, President of Southwest Greens Construction. “The facility features nearly every aspect of our product offering, from our PRO System on the golf course to our leisure performance product on the pitch and putt. It has been a challenging undertaking but something we are very proud to be a part of.”

The project continues a consistent stream of similar projects for Southwest Greens Construction, having built several golf courses, academies, and driving range facilities around the world using their performance synthetic turf systems.

“We are pleased to see the movement towards our synthetic turf solutions continues to gather steam within the Industry”, Holinaty said. “Given the challenges golf courses face, from maintenance budget restrictions to stricter environmental realities, to increasing weather issues, our product portfolio can ease the pressure for course superintendents and provide genuine solutions to their challenges. This project is no different, and a good example where our synthetic turf systems made perfect sense.”

The decision to go with synthetic turf systems was not an easy one and it involved an extensive tender process.

“Southwest Greens Construction was very pro-active from the start in giving us the necessary advice during our tender process,” said Carl Ledbury, General Director of Pro1Golf. “It was obvious that their knowledge was extensive and this assisted us a great deal in understanding what was important to consider for the tender and in giving us a feeling of comfort that we were in the right hands.”

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