Date: Mon 01 Aug 2016

Ayla Oasis Golf Course handed over by Tanto International Golf

The first one built in Jordan overlooking the Red Sea by Tanto International Golf, Ayla Oasis Golf Course has been completed and handed over.

Ayla Oasis Golf Course
Ayla Oasis Golf Course

A small enhancement team was left to collaborate with the clients in house maintenance team, during the grow in period.

With the pump and irrigation network supplied by TORO operating flawlessly during extreme weather and environmental conditions, the turf has now reached playing condition.

A newly designed subterranean drip system, the first of its kind in Jordan, was installed to create an oasis of indigenous planting in the outer areas. Not without its hiccups and teething problems the resulting landscape now frames the fairways and looks magnificent against the Red granite mountain backdrop. A truly unique property.

We are presently entertaining other opportunities in the Middle East and Asia, and we would welcome any future enquiries from EIGCA Members whom Tanto International Golf has supported for the last 14 years

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