Date: Thu 01 Sep 2016

Team Green recommends Profile Porous Ceramic

Numerous Golf courses in France, Switzerland and Morocco now appreciate the benefits of their choice.

Golf architects often face big choices. Their technical - and product - recommendations not only determine the quality of the course, but also influence daily maintenance and thereby the long term return on investment. With this little room for error, it becomes interesting to ask fundamental questions like:

How can I diminish maintenance expenses (water, fertilizers, pesticides, manpower) but keep the greens firm and healthy?

Since 2010 Team Green has successfully recommended Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) ®. We believe that integrating PPC during construction is a long term cost-effective, ecological and intelligent solution for the challenges of daily golf maintenance.

1 year, 11 months old, A1 and A4 Bentgrass Seeded Greens

1 year, 11 months old, A1 and A4 Bentgrass Seeded Greens


  • Pore space: 74% (39% capillary/water; 35% non-capillary/air)
  • CEC: 33 meg/100 g
  • Stability: 3% degradation over 20 years
  • Sizing: meets USGA sand guidelines
  • Bulk density: only 592 kg per m³


  • Drains faster than sand and retains 93% of its weight in water
  • Reduces organic buildup and soil compaction
  • Increases CEC
  • Dries out surface algae and controls Localized Dry Spots
  • Cost savings up to; 25% on water, 20% on fertilizer, 10 to 20% on pesticides

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