Date: Thu 08 Sep 2016

Spotlight on … the R&A

A look at the range of information available through their website.

R&A Website

Since 1897 the role of The R&A as governing body has been to write and interpret the Rules of Golf, including the Rules on Equipment. Everyone is familiar with the role of The R&A in the organisation of golf around the world, but did you know just how much information they publish about the care and management of golf courses?

You can access all this information through their website but these links will take you through to the specific sections:

Managing your Golf Course
Operating a successful and sustainable golf course is reliant upon a detailed understanding of your business model. This means being fully aware of your target audience, their desires and expectations. Once this is understood, you can effectively plan for how to best use the resources you have available and how you can monitor you success in meeting these needs.

Environmental Impact
As a user of natural resources, you have a responsibility to operate in a manner which shows concern and awareness for environmental issues. Having a detailed understanding of how your golf course can benefit the local environment, while also being aware of potential risks of causing harm, will allow you to take appropriate action where needed. This will enhance your reputation and highlight where the business benefits from environmentally and socially responsible management.

Case Studies
Read how others are implementing and benefitting from environmentally and socially responsible management.

R&A Website

Downloads & Publications
Download a wide range of publications, videos and other material related to the sustainable development and management of golf courses.

Free Downloads
This is a selection of publications produced by The R&A, ranging from the 2016 edition of the Rules of Golf to the Annual Review, profiling the work of the organisation, and the Championships Magazine, reviewing the season’s championships and international matches. There are also submissions forms for Equipment, various policy documents and additional guidance on Rules topics.

These publications and documents are available to download for free.

Golf Course Design
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