Date: Mon 17 Oct 2016

EGCOA adds 5th key-opportunity “Fore Health Play Golf”

The European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA), along with their national owners associations, has today announced the addition of the Health benefits of Golf to its Vision 2020 project.

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The EGCOA’S VISION 2020 project was developed to provide a roadmap for the sustainable development of the European golf industry and was unveiled to open arms by the industry in 2014. The message from the USA, Canada and from all over Europe was the same: yes, there are challenges but there are also opportunities. The project provided the platform for what was truly inspirational solutions for the European golf business.

More than 30 presentations and workshops have inspired over 3.700 people in these meetings to work with the key-opportunities that VISION2020 has to offer.

Now the EGCOA adds its 5th. Fitness and golf have long been seen as partners by those who play the sport, but the general public do not instantly recognise the health benefits that the sport has to offer.

It will give golf courses and clubs the ability to point towards the research, best practices, initiatives & statistics on health and golf.

Lodewijk Klootwijk, CEO of the EGCOA commented that “It is ridiculous that people today do not know of the clear health benefits of playing golf. There are countless studies that show that not only is golf good for your weight, blood pressure and metal health, but that regular play adds five years to your lifespan! We felt that we had to ensure that this news gets out to more people and the Fore Health Play Golf project is where we start”.

The ‘Fore Health Play Golf’ project can be accessed by going to

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