Date: Wed 16 Nov 2016

Some articles you may have missed…

Recent articles from GMé (Golf Management Europe), Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, and the STRI Bulletin.


In addition to the articles listed here from outside sources, three new articles have been published on the EIGCA website – one by Philip Spogard on Adapting courses to suit particular golf markets, which was originally published in Golf Course Architecture, and the other, Behind the Curtain… Architectural Roundtable – 2016 Ryder Cup, by Matt Ward from Golf Content Network, which includes a contribution by Tom Mackenzie, EIGCA President. The third is a lecture given by Past President Rainer Preissmann at the German Golf Congress 2016 in Nürnberg on the subject of Urban Golf.

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In conversation with Ken Moodie.
Golf Management Europe, Issue 109, August 2016. Pages: 32-34

The meaning/value of “par”
ASGCA Highlights, September 24 2016.

GPS for golf design.
By Design, Issue 29, Fall 2016. Pages: 18-19

What Makes a Great Match-Play Course?
Links Newsletter, September2 2016.

Greenside hazards (bunker placements).
Golf Course Industry, September 15 2016.


Drainage: through the green.
USGA Green Section Record,Vol 54, no 17, September 2 2016. Pages: 1-8


Olympic success (the Rio Olympic golf course).
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2016. Pages: 6-8

The heathlands at Hankley Common.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 274, Summer 2016. Pages: 16-19

Golf Participation

New report highlights golf club secrets of success.
Golf BusinessNews, October 28 2016.

The game has to become easier to play.
Golf Club Management, September 10 2016.

A unique perspective on millennials and golf.
ASGCA Highlights, September 25 2016.

More than 1 in 2 non-golfers are put off the game by dress codes.
Golf Club Management, August 24 2016.


How technology has and will continue to change golf.
USGA Green Section Record,, October 6 2016.

Missed fertility: Industry experts share how irrigation and rainfall expose turf to nutrient loss, and what superintendents can do about it.
Golf Course Industry, September 21 2016.

Wet conditions are not good for the game.
USGA Green Section Record, September 16 2016.

The core question: preferences between mechanical and manual aeration plug collection differ throughout the industry.
Golf Course Industry, September 8 2016.

How to protect turf following pesticide ban.
Greenkeeper International, October 2016. Pages: 50-51

Advancing golf course maintenance equipment with positioning technology.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 54, no 19, October 7 2016.

Leatherjacket control chemicals banned.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, 10, October 2016. Pages: 80,78

Health & Safety

Golf is so good for you that doctors should prescribe it says public health agency
Golf Club Management, September 20 2016.

Golf & Health Project to highlight how golf can benefit all.
Golf BusinessNews, October 6 2016.


Development hot spots.
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2016. Pages: 42-45

Mexico's golf mecca.
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2016. Pages: 38-40

Sustainable Development

Managing golf's evolving footprint.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 274, Summer 2016. Pages: 34-38

Multifunctionality in golf courses - effects of different management practices on the ecosystem services carbon sequestration and biodiversity
STERF Newsletter, No 33, September 2016.

Sustainability at The Open.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 274, Summer 2016. Pages: 32-33

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