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Date: Wed 09 Nov 2016

Onwards and upwards for EVQGCD students

Advances in scientific and technical innovations in golf course design and construction demand well-qualified and skilled individuals.

That is why EIGCA developed the Vocational Qualification in Golf Course Design, the only accredited professional qualification in golf course design. The current cohort of students attended the second of five workshops in October.

The students at Bramley Golf Club

The emphasis for each workshop is a practical design work. After hearing Alan Walker, Chairman of EIGCA’s Education Board, talk about ‘Auditing a Golf Course’, the students visited nearby Bramley Golf Club to undertake a safety audit on the 16th hole. The students also studied the 12th green to consider design changes to assist with drainage problems encountered during winter months.

The students at HQ

The second day saw the students back in the classroom where Ken Moodie, EIGCA past president and Education Board member, spoke about ‘Detailed Design’. They then used clay to create a template to model Bramley’s 12th green and placed them in a water basin. After adding water, the students could see contour changes and the resultant surface water drainage.

Returning to Bramley Golf Club, the students individually presented their safety audits of the 16th hole to the General Manager and Club Captain. The students were questioned and given feedback before open discussions and thoughts on the clay modelling exercise.

Apart from these workshops, the EVQGCD assessment consists of assignments – typically five design projects and seven essays. Getting the students together at these workshops is an opportunity to have their assignments critiqued – which was provided by EIGCA Education Board Member, Niall Glen – and discuss future assignments.

Alan Walker, commented: “This has been a busy couple of days for our students. The Education Board is pleased with their progress and we emphasised the importance of them continuing to work closely with their mentors to further develop their design skills. The blend of classroom activity and experience of presenting their design views to golf club officials has been invaluable.”

For further information on studying for a vocational qualification in golf course design to become a golf course architect, contact Virginia Turner at virginia@eigca.org or go to Careers in Golf.

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