Date: Thu 05 Jan 2017

The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, by Tom Doak

After nearly twenty years Tom Doak has produced a revised edition of his Confidential Guide, this time in five volumes. The first three have already been published – the final two are due next year.

Tom Doak Confidential Guide

This all-new edition of The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses will cover more than 2,500 of the world’s best courses.

  • Volume 1 - Great Britain and Ireland
  • Volume 2 - The Americas (winter destinations)
  • Volume 3 - The Americas (summer destinations)
  • Volume 4 - Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Volume 5 - Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Each review is written by world class architect Tom Doak based on his own personal observations plus the input of his three co-authors, Ran Morrissett, co-founder of, Masa Nishijima, one of the most knowledgeable golf writers in Japan, and Darius Oliver of Australia, author of two Planet Golf books and a website of the same name. Each course is graded on a 0-10 scale by each author who has seen it. These reviews provide honest and unvarnished descriptions of courses to help golfers plan their adventures.

Each volume also contains what Doak calls ‘The Gourmet Choice’ – the authors’ favourites with fuller reviews: eighteen are included in Volume 1 for Great Britain and Ireland, six in Volume 2 and four in Volume 3.

The Gazetteer contains authoritative lists of the prettiest, hardest, best and wildest holes in the world, as well as diverse subjects such as the Best Set of Par 3’s, Best Lunch, and Best Courses to Take Your Dog to Play.

Needless to say, each volume is packed with lavish photographs mostly taken by the authors.

Tom Doak has very kindly donated these books to the EIGCA Library, but you can buy your own copies from Renaissance Golf Design at

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