Date: Thu 05 Jan 2017

Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF)

Anyone working in Northern Europe should be aware of the work of Sterf.

Sterf newsletter

STERF is an independent research foundation that supports existing and future R&D efforts and delivers ‘ready-to-use’ research results that benefit the golf and turfgrass sector.

STERF was set up in 2006 by the golf federations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Nordic Greenkeepers’ Associations. Research financed by STERF is carried out at universities or research institutes (or equivalent) where most relevant research capacity is concentrated. STERF helps to strengthen research capacity by encouraging and supporting networks and collaborating actively with international key organisations in the field of turfgrass management.

STERF also arranges innovation workshops to help identify the golf and turfgrass industry´s future research needs, where researchers and industry representatives contribute to the planning process. STERF receives funding from participating golf associations, which can be complemented by funding from other sources.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to get regular updates on their research and publications. The newsletter is produced in English and Swedish, as are many of their publications.

Listings of all ongoing and finished projects can be found under each research area (see the dropdown menu) and also as a complete listing. Status reports and final scientific reports from the projects can be found on each projects individual page.

In the Library section of their website you will find a lot of their publications, especially those that are produced as practical handbooks, brochures and articles ready to use for magazines. They are categorized and you will find them in the dropdown menu. All publications can be freely downloaded. They are all also listed in the EIGCA Library Catalogue and, if you have any difficulty downloading the from Sterf, please do ask me.

For more information go to Sterf's website at

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