Date: Tue 16 May 2017

Renovated Buckinghamshire re-opens in April

Tim Lobb completes a major renovation of the Buckinghamshire Golf Club to the north-west of London.

The new look 7th hole at The Buckinghamshire

The new look 7th hole at The Buckinghamshire

Course manager Andy Ewence, who has managed the construction project, said: "This has been something of an epic, as we have virtually rebuilt large parts of the golf course, while still keeping it open for play. There were four separate contractors involved, with over 40 contracting staff on site on a daily basis. To manage such a large project has been extremely hard work, but working alongside our golf architect, Tim Lobb, has help enormously and I feel we have achieved stunning results."

The project has seen the overall area of bunkers on the course - originally designed by the late John Jacobs - shrink from over 14,000 sq m to 6,400 sq m, with obvious consequences for the amount of maintenance required. Tim Lobb said: "It was always obvious that we needed to reduce the area of sand at the Buckinghamshire, but what particularly pleases me is that we have done so while at the same time making the bunkers more thought provoking hazards - and also more visible. Generally, the bunkers are tighter to the greens than they were before, and we have introduced central hazards on the fifth and eighteenth holes - while clearing trees on the right of 18 to create an alternative line to the green. The par fives were generally very wide and not very interesting before the project; now bunkers threaten the playing lines and create real strategic choices."

Lobb added: "It has been a pleasure to work with Andy Ewence, and all the contractors - it is testimony to Andy's skills as a project manager than the work has been done so effectively." The newly renovated course opened for play in early April.

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