Date: Mon 30 Oct 2017

Toro® Lynx® Smart Hub Offers New Cost-Saving Field Control Option

Golf courses now have a cost-effective new field control option to optimize their irrigation operations.

Toro® Lynx® Smart Hub

The Toro® Lynx® Smart Hub makes it possible to have the security, programmability and sensing benefits of a satellite-style control pedestal with the simplicity and cost savings of a 2-wire/decoder system.

Similar to a satellite field controller, the Smart Hub is a pedestal-style unit that communicates wirelessly with the central computer. It can also store and run a fully flow-managed irrigation schedule in the event that the central computer is offline — ideal for construction and grow-in situations. In addition, personnel can manually operate and troubleshoot the system from the pedestal on the course, in view of the connected sprinklers.

Toro® Lynx® Smart Hub

The Lynx Smart Hub is designed to work with Toro’s Lynx GDC 2-wire modules, which offer the advantages of a decoder-style system. The overall installation cost of this type of system can be up to 20 percent lower than a satellite system, because it requires significantly less cable, it can operate more sprinklers with fewer pedestal units, and it uses low voltage. All parts other than the Smart Hub are also buried underground, reducing the risk of potential damage or vandalism.

Each Smart Hub controls multiple holes and can be installed anywhere on the course. Two-wire technology enables control of up to 1,000 sprinklers per unit and up to 250 sprinklers per wire path. This allows the system to be segmented into manageable areas, simplifying maintenance and localized fault analysis without interfering with other holes on the course. The Smart Hub also serves as a point of connection for soil, flow and status sensors.

Toro® Lynx® Smart Hub

“Golf courses have traditionally had to choose between satellite and decoder field controllers for their irrigation systems,” explains Marco Cappelli, golf irrigation marketing manager at The Toro Company. “The Lynx Smart Hub now gives them the best of both worlds. It opens up more options for golf courses that are installing or renovating their irrigation systems, and are looking to make the most cost-effective decisions.”

According to Cappelli, golf courses in colder, rainy climates that irrigate for a shorter portion of the year and tend to prefer 2-wire/decoder systems would benefit from a satellite system with Smart Hub. In these climates, Smart Hub offers the ability to add the convenience, backup operation and in-field control of a satellite pedestal-type controller to a 2-wire decoder system.

In warmer, drier climates where golf courses irrigate more frequently throughout the year, Cappelli notes that satellite controllers have traditionally been the preferred choice. Now Smart Hub makes it possible for golf courses in these areas to consider installing a 2-wire/decoder system to save costs while still enjoying the benefits of the pedestal-style controllers they are accustomed to using.

The Smart Hub field controller offers flexible installation options including local or remote pedestal or wall mounting and wireless or optional wired two-way communication. The communication system has a range of up to two miles, allowing for road crossings and phased irrigation projects. Smart Hub units can also be fitted with a repeater for use with Turf Guard® soil sensors.

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