Date: Sun 29 Oct 2017

Some articles you may have missed...

Recent articles from GMé (Golf Management Europe), Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, and The Golf Business, plus many online sources.

We have also added two new articles to the EIGCA website:

The Continent’s Architects Give Their Verdict - Seven leading designers from Continental Europe – all members of the EIGCA – reveal their favourites in mainland Europe, in an article by Chris Bertram.

Golf's obsession with 18 holes has to stop - for the good of the game, by EIGCA Member Edwin Roald,

Matt Ward's latest article in his Behind the Architectural Curtain series is also available – 2017 Presidents Cup Matches - Liberty National Golf Club - Behind the Architectural Curtain.

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Maintaining bunkers for playability, not perfection.
Although bunkers are hazards, they can be costly to maintain and divert resources away from higher-priority playing areas.
USGA Green Section Record, September 1 2017.

Golf group comes up with an amazing new type of golf course.
A company that owns seven golf courses in the UK has introduced golf holes unlike anything we’ve seen before. Designed to attract families, the holes have no par on the scorecard and visitors can play golf or footgolf on each hole.
The Golf Business, July 31 2017.

Innovations in golf course construction.
From bunkers to irrigation, a wave of new technology and products is revolutionising the way courses are built.
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2017. Pages: 38-44

Hurdzan, ASGCA, sees return to “golden age” of course architecture. Tartan Talks No. 13.
Golf courses of 2020 will look like courses of 1920. Embrace time when life was simpler and game more fun. Reverts back to "golden age" of golf course architecture.
ASGCA Insights, July 21 2017.

The renovation equation.
How can a renovation project double your membership, increase rounds played and raise revenue? A look at three projects with results on that scale.
By Design,Issue 35, Fall 2017. Pages: 12-17


What You Should Know About Royal Birkdale.
The Open Championship this year was held on the historic links of Royal Birkdale Golf Club
Links Magazine, July 2017.

Frilford Heath launches brand new six-hole course.
For the first time in 23 years, Oxfordshire’s largest golf club, Frilford Heath, announces the launch of a brand new golf course. The course aims to make golf more accessible to beginners, who will be able to play a round in 60 minutes.
Golf Business News, 30 August 2017.

Reviriego looking for a lasting legacy at Valderrama.
Author: Peter Simm
Pater Simm talks with Javier Reviriego, chief operatinf officer at Real Club Valderrama, about the club's prestigious history; the 1997 Ryder Cup and its world-renowned reputation for the high levels of customer service the club aspires to.
GMé (Golf Management Europe), Issue 115, September 2017. Pages: 18-21


Heather regeneration.
The UK supports over 40% of the world's heather resource and heathlands are declining markedly for several reasons.
Greenkeeper International, September 2017. Pages: 60-61

Heather flourishes at Walton Heath.
Walton Heath is an excellent example of how heathland regeneration work has benefi tted both the golfi ng environment and the wildlife environment, and deserves much credit for playing such an important role in the early stages of this whole concept.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, no 20, August 2017. Pages: 156-157

Golf - the Game

One rule: a proposed simplification of the rules of golf.
Making the lost ball rule clearer and less complicated will make it easier for golfers to understand and speed up play.
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2017. Pages: 20-21

BGIA calls for UK-wide adoption of strategy to tackle slow play.
The powerful British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) has called on every golf association in the UK to adopt The R&A’s programme ‘Ready Golf’, in a bid to tackle slow play.
The Golf Business, August 25 2017.

Golf Participation

Golf participation in the UK slows - but still growing.
The latest research on golf participation in the UK has found that more people played the game in April, May and June this year than in 2016.
The Golf Business, August 8 2017.

Golf participation statistics are a stark reality check for clubs.
Golf numbers are dwindling to the tune of about half a million players, and columnist Judith Matharu thinks she knows why…
Lady Golfer, August 9 2017.

Is Germany about to replace England as Europe’s top golfing country?
England’s total domination of the number of people per country in Europe who play golf is under threat for the first time since records began, according to new research by the European Golf Course Owners’ Association (EGCOA).
The Golf Business, September 6 2017.

Health & Safety

Responsible actions in a thunderstorm.
Scott MacCallum investigates the best course of action to take when thunder is afoot.
GMé (Golf Management Europe), Issue 115, September 2017. Pages: 24-26

Golf reduces risk of heart disease by 30%.
The walking benefits of playing an 18-hole round at least once a week has been investigated by the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University, which finds huge health benefits.
The Golf Business, August 21 2017.

50,000 Volunteers Gain Recognition.
A report commissioned by England Golf and the Professional Golfers’ Association has found that the social benefits of golf extend far beyond the green, with volunteers having as much to gain as players.
Golf Business News, 21 September 2017.

The health benefts of golf.
The whole issue is devoted to several articles on the health benefits of golf.
International GolfPro News, Issue 38, September 2017.


Golfpark Holzhäusern - The Alps And Beyond...
A new 'fun' practice green has recently been opened at the Golfpark Holzhäusern in central Switzerland. A co-design by EIGCA Member Paul O'Brien of (re)GOLF and Steiner & Partner, this green has been designed with The Himalayas as inspiration.
Golf Business News, 18 August 2017.

Work starts on £4.5m new golf course development.
Royal Norwich Golf Club has started work on the £4.5 million redevelopment of land nearly eight miles away in Lenwade, where it will relocate. The work is being carried out by EIGCA President Ross McMurray.
The Golf Business, July 31 2017.

Next phase of bunker work to commence at The Berkshire
EIGCA Member Tim Lobb is continuing his work at The Berkshire near Ascot, UK.
Golf Course Architecture, 30 August 2017.

New bunkering bedding in well at Goodwood’s Downs Course
The reworked bunkering on the Downs Course at Goodwood near Chichester, UK, is bedding in well. The recent work, which was completed earlier this year, was led by EIGCA Past President Tom Mackenzie .
Golf Course Architecture, 7 September 2017.

KPMG Golf Participation Report: Slight Growth In Europe
The Golf Participation Report for Europe 2017 from KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice provides invaluable figures for key stakeholders in the golf industry. This year’s edition bears good news in store for the golf industry: slight growth.
Golf Business News, 12 September 2017.


More for less (irrigation).
An updated irrigation system at Atlanta Athletic Club delivers savings in water and resources.
By Design,Issue 35, Fall 2017. Pages: 20-22

UK Golf and Water Security: The Start of an Overdue Conversation - Part Two
If the UK golf industry relies on water as a key dependency of its business operations, why the continued absence of a strategic water security resilience response, to safeguard its future growth?
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, no 21, September 2017. Pages: 166-167


The economics of golf course maintenance.
Golf course maintenance programs must innovate to adjust to changing demographics and economic conditions.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 55, no 17, September 1 2017. Pages: 1-7

Assessing infrastructure - How long can you expect the many, varied components of your course to last?
How long can you expect the many, varied components of your course to last?
Golf Course Management, August 2017. Pages: 48-56

Woodland management.
An account of how ancient woodlands are managed at StoneleighDeer Park golf course.
Greenkeeper International, September 2017. Pages: 54-55

Sustainable Development

UK Golf and Water Security: The Start of
an Overdue Conversation - Part One

Water security is not only about having enough water. It involves all issues related to water. In simple terms, water security addresses the ‘too little’, ‘too much’, and ‘too dirty’ issues of water management.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, no 20, August 2017. Pages: 159-160

Beer bottles become bunker sand.
A golf club in Oakura, New Zealand, has used 30 tons of sand made from crushed glass to fill three bunkers on its golf course.
Golf Inc, Sept/Oct 2017. Page: 16


Antimicrobial options for reducing bacterial etiolation on putting greens.
Recent research on a number of fungicides, sterilants and plant growth regulators offers useful information on etiolation in creeping bentgrass putting greens.
Golf Course Management, August 2017. Pages: 66-73

The Leatherjacket and chafer threat to fine turf.
Changes to pesticide legislation in recent years have made it difficult to control these pests.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, no 21, September 2017. Pages: 168,167

Golf Course Design
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