Date: Sun 29 Oct 2017

Team Green and Sandtrapper

Bunker maintenance is and will remain a big and unavoidable part of the golf-course superintendent's job.

Photo: Copyright and Courtesy of Sandtrapper / IVI / USA

Photo: Copyright and Courtesy of Sandtrapper / IVI / USA

Sandwashing and sand contamination might require considerable maintenance and often lead to costly renovation of sand bunkers.

Sandtrapper bunkerliners improve bunker performance and reduce maintenance by creating a strong barrier between the bunker sand and the substrate thus eliminating washouts and keeping sand free from contamination.

The performance of a bunkerliner is largely determined by the quality and thickness of the three dimensional matrix and the strength and quality of the fibres and binders used. Bunker liners made of lighter material (with less and thinner binders and fibres) will compress quickly and loose their capacity to hold the sand particles in place.

Sandtrapper utilises heavy synthetic fibers and a rigid binder system to create a specific , durable , matrix that will not compact and provide long lasting performance. The synthetic matrix is ASTM tested and consistently produces excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength marks.

Sandtrapper works in all climates and conditions and is easy to install and to repair if necessary. Compared to other bunker management solutions, Sandtrapper delivers the best price/value relationship. Since the start of the productline in 1997, hundreds of Golf courses worldwide have chosen Sandtrapper for their bunkers.

Team Green France is proud to be a partner and exclusive ST distributor in France, Switzerland and Northern Africa. For more information, please contact us, or visit: Team Green or Sandtrapper

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