CMF Global AquaFuse

Date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

CMF Global presents AquaSaddle

The AquaSaddle, part of the AquaFuse Irrigation System, is a unique fusible swing joint saddle, available in both metric and imperial sizes, for golf and turf irrigation applications.

It is 100% corrosion resistant with NO metal components, is made of PE100/PE4710 bimodal resin, and is pressure rated at 26 Bar.

Our proprietary fusible connection has a 25 year warranty and is available in 63mm, 75mm, and 90mm sizes. It eliminates mechanical saddle and compression service tee leaks, making a monolithic, leak-free connection from pipe to swing joint.

The AquaSaddle is a better, cost-effective way to connect a swing joint to HDPE pipe. It features a double O-ring seal that connects directly to our AquaFuse integrated swing joint made to ASTM Standards by Lasco Fittings. It can also connect to other swing joint brands by using our custom SCH80 PVC transition elbow.


Please come see us at booth # 13101 at the GIS 2018 Show in San Antonio on February 7th & 8th.

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