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Recent articles from Golf Course Architecture, Greenkeeper International, Greenkeeping, The Golf Business, and The STRI Bulletin, plus many online sources.


We have also added an article by Peter Harradine to the EIGCA website:

Regional differences between the Middle East and Europe


Australia's finest - Alex Rusell.
Alex Russell was arguably Australia's finest golf course architect but little has been know of his life.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 50, October 2017. Pages: 44-47

Architect of the Year - Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods made a big splash as a course designer in 2017, earning Golf Inc's top honour as Architect of the Year. EIGCA's Tim Lobb, Ross McMurray, Gary Johnson, Robin Hiseman and Dave Sampson all come in the top ten.
Golf Inc, Jan/Feb 2018. Pages: 36-45{"issue_id":465006,"page":36}


Courses for all (accessibility).
For people with disabilities, a round of golf can be a daunting prospect. A look at how architects are working to create a positive golfing experience for all types of player.
By Design, Issue 36, Winter 2017. Pages: 18-20

Can A Golf Course Be Too Natural?

Links Digital, December 22 2917.

What makes a good golf course?
Broad question that usually triggers multiple and varied answers. Golfers are indeed very inclined to voice their opinion on the quality of golf courses. In an attempt to address this subject, a few indisputable factors might be worth analysing.
Kristel Mourgue d'Algue, December2017. Pages:

Discerning good from bad.
You always hear why courses are great, worth the trip, or worth playing again, but what features make some courses inferior?
Links Digital, January2018. Pages: 3-6{"issue_id":463836,"numpages":1,"page":3}

Building the future (Royal Norwich).
How one greenkeeper is at the centre of one of the UK's largest golf course construction projects at Royal Norwich, which was designed by EIGCA President Ross McMurray.
Greenkeeper International, December 2017. Pages: 34-37

Trinity Forest: a course built on landfill.
Author: Graylyn Loomis
Links Digital, January2018. Pages: 7-8{"issue_id":463836,"numpages":1,"page":7}

Regional differences.
Author: Peter Harradine
Some of the differences an architect should considerwhen disigning courses in the Middle East, compared to those in central and northern Europe.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 50, October 2017. Pages: 42-43

The end of the restoration era.
Why the restoration movement may be on its last legs.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Pages: 38-39

A kaleidoscope of options.
Author: Ross McMurray
A new golf course in Russia has been designed to be played in a multitude of ways.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Pages: 40-41

The pursuit of width.
Gold course architects maintain that adequate fairway width is essential if holes are to present a stategic challenge. But the more maintained grass a hole has, the more it costs to keep it in good shape.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 50, October 2017. Pages: 28-33

This is how we've always done it.
Sam Thomas of the GEO Foundation considers the return to the traditions of golf course design.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Pages: 44-45

Bunkers, bunkers - an enduring love/hate relationship.
A history of bunker styles and guidance on maintainance.
Greenkeeper International, October 2017. Pages: 52-54


Bringing the Heath back to Frilford.
The restoration of heathland at Frilford Heath Golf Club.
Greenkeeper International, December 2017. Pages: 56-57

Revolutionary Rhodes (Woodhall Spa GC).
Woodhall Spa GC in Lincolnshire has two very different, but outstanding, glf courses, as well as the nine-hole England Golf Performance Centre. An interview with the course manager about the refurbishment of the Hotchkin Course.
The Golf Business, November 2017. Pages: 54-57

Scotland's next championship links?
Mike Keiser is building a new course near Royal Dornoch named Coul Links.
Links Digital, January2018. Pages: 10-11{"issue_id":463836,"numpages":1,"page":10}

Desert design - Aguilón Golf, designed by Marco Martin.
Aguilón Golf in southern Spain, designed by Marco Martin, has proved successful despite a challenging location and difficult economic conditions.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Pages: 64-67


Royal Portrush
The Open will return to Northern Ireland for the first time in 70 years.
Greenkeeper International, January 2018. Pages: 24-27


Two out of three ain't bad (Skofde GC in Sweden, designed by Christian Lundin).
A rebuild of a smalltown course in Sweden.
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Pages: 68-70

Golf - the Game

The case for 9-hole golf courses - the future of golf.
Author: Jonathan Gaunt
There are so many other outdoor sporting options for active people today and, in relation to this, the golf industry needs
to buck up its ideas to make changes for the better.

Golf Club Secretary, Vol 17, no 24, December 2017. Page: 192

Golf Participation

Innovation and golf: on a collision course?
Is golf's tradition of long, leisurely days set for a collision with today's fast pace of change?
Golf Course Architecture, Issue 51, January 2018. Page: 43

Retrofitting a golf course can boost women’s participation
Author: Kari Haug
In the first of a three-part series exploring what the golf industry can do to increase the number of women playing the game golf course architect Kari Haug explains why retrofitting a golf course can prove to be highly beneficial to golf clubs.
The Golf Business, January 4 2018.


Become a drainage diva.
Good greens' drainage lies at the heart of a successfully functioning golfcourse.
Greenkeeping, January 2018. Pages: 34-35


'Washout' bunkers - is there a cheaper alternative?
Repairing a damaged bunker after heavy rainfall is expensive and time-consuming. This is a problem that is going to get worse but there is a cost effective way to solve it - and it begins by understanding why bunkers suffer ‘washout’
The Golf Business, November 16 2017.

Health & Safety

Club pays out £125k after ball hits boy on the head.
A UK golf club has paid out £125,000 to a man who was hit on the head by a golf ball when he was a teenage golfer at the club 10 years ago. The club’s insurer will pay the money and the resolution involves no admission of liability.
The Golf Business, October 26 2017.


Central Bohemia’s Construction Of The Year Award Goes To GOLFER.Eu.
EIGCA Member, Libor Jirásek wins awards for Panorama Golf Resort in Czech Republic.
The Golf Business, News, 24 October 2017.

Development of new course at Gut Wissmannshof reaches final stages
The final stages of a project which has seen the development of a new 18-hole course at Gut Wissmannshof Golf Resort near Kassel, Germany, have been reached. Designed by architect Holger Rengstorf of Rengstorf Golf Design.
Golf Course Architecture, 24 November 2017.

From clay pits to an 18 hole golf course.
In different stages, at Wase Golf, in Belgium's Sint-Gillis-Waas (between Antwerp and Zelzate), clay pits are transformed into a challenging golf course by EIGCA Member Bruno Steensels.
Greenkeeper (NL), October 9 2017.

Changes coming to Mussenden course at Castlerock Golf Club.
Dr Martin Hawtree has been selected by the club to lead a series of changes to the Mussenden course at Castlerock Golf Club in County Derry, Northern Ireland.
Golf Course Architecture, 5 October 2017.

Golf’s self-inflicted wounds need healing - and fast.
Golf is in crisis. Memberships are down on average over 25 per cent in the last five years globally – this equates to over 10 million less players on the world’s courses.
National Club Golfer, November 22 2017.


Irrigating fairways for fine grasses.
If used poorly, higher than desirable water inputs will produce lush growth, thatch and promote undesirable grass species (predominantly annual meadow-grass).
STRI Bulletin, Issue 279, Autumn 2017. Pages: 15-17


5 ways to use a drone on your course.
Golf has always sustained a connection with nature in the midst of a technology driven world. And now, there is a means to bring nature and technology together through drones.
Golf Inc, December 12 2017.


Fine leaf ryegrass make divots all but disappear.
Switching from fescues to ryegrass cultivars to repair divots has delivered noticeably improved grass coverage on the tees at Drumpellier Golf Club.
Greenkeeping, December 2017. Page: 22

Super bents - their time is now (grass seed).
Creeping bents have been associated with high-end golf courses but they are now being used everywhere.
Greenkeeping, December 2017. Page: 10

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