Rain Bird Education Seminar Rainer Preissmann

Date: Mon 22 Jan 2018

Regional Education Seminar by Rain Bird

Following an expression of interest by EIGCA Members to learn more about irrigation design Rain Bird, an EIGCA Gold Partner, has organised a series of educational seminars on the subject.

Irrigation by Rain Bird

Having already staged two successful education seminars in the UK in 2017, Rain Bird held their first seminar in Germany at Mainzer Golf Club, Mainz in January. Entitled “Understanding Golf Irrigation” the event aims to improve participant’s knowledge of irrigation planning and on-site installations. It is also a chance for golf course architects to learn more about the features and benefits of the latest technologies and practices in the irrigation industry and to be better informed in their discussions with irrigation designers and installers.

Stuart Tate, European Golf Specification Manager for Rain Bird Europe, was responsible for delivering the seminars and with over 25 years of irrigation design experience was ideally suited to explain the irrigation technology and design standards clearly and effectively.

The seminar at Mainzer Golf Club was held in a relaxed atmosphere with a small group of people from golf design practices in Germany. Attendee numbers are deliberately restricted to ensure that each person has the best opportunity to learn. Stuart Tate was assisted by Morten Henningsen, the Rain Bird Golf Area Sales Manager for Central Europe.

The first session discussed the following topics:

  • Industry technology & selection
  • Rotor spacing theory and practice
  • Architects design considerations for irrigation
  • Rotor precipitation rate with different spacing and configurations
  • Station run-time calculations
  • Water quantity calculations
  • Pumping Station capacity and pressures

The second practical session was held on the golf course where Stuart demonstrated the correct layout and configuration of sprinklers for different scenarios on tees and greens.

For all those present it was a great experience and EIGCA colleagues are encouraged to take the opportunity to be involved in future Rain Bird seminars. Part 2 of this event will be followed later in 2018 and will cover other irrigation subjects and technologies and specifically hydraulics.

Thanks go to Rain Bird and in particular Stuart and Morten for organising this fantastic educational seminar.

Rainer Preissmann
EIGCA Past President

For more information about Rain Bird go to www.rainbird.eu/

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