Date: Mon 22 Jan 2018

Another Journey through the Links

By David Worley

Another Journey through the Links

In 2007 David Worley’s published a book on his experience of playing, photographing and writing about the links courses of Great Britain and Ireland. He has now revisited many of the original courses to take new and even better photographs. He has also rewritten large parts of the text.

The result is a much revised and even more lavish book featuring an additional 12 courses that have either opened since 2007 or were omitted from the original book.

Britain and Ireland’s links courses are amongst the great wonders of golf. Spanning the islands from the remotest cliff tops to the most windswept dunes, they express the full wild splendour of some of the most rugged and beautiful areas in the world. For golfers they are as challenging as they are awe-inspiring, as players contend with hazards ranging from unceasingly ferocious winds to animals grazing on the fairways. Beyond that, they truly represent the history of the game, a legacy to be treasured and preserved as well as enjoyed.

The author has reviewed almost every links course in the British Isles almost 170 in total. The book contains review of the courses along with over 500 photographs which show the course in all their magnificent beauty. Includes a forward by Peter Thomson.

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