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Date: Wed 24 Jan 2018

EIGCA CPD Programme Underway

Any profession needs to keep up-to-date with current practices and technologies, and golf course architects are no exception.

The EIGCA recognises the importance of Continuing Professional Development - of attending seminars, participating in educational opportunities and networking with like-minded professionals. To this end the EIGCA has introduced a credit scheme to reward its members for these activities, and to acknowledge it in their profiles on the Institute's website. EIGCA Members and Associate Members can now earn and record CPD credits with the aim of becoming ‘CPD Approved’

Credits are awarded for completing or participating in a range of CPD activities in four categories; Education, Professional, Personal Learning and Networking:

Attending the EIGCA Annual Conference is one way members can earn credits.

Attending the EIGCA Annual Conference is one way members can earn credits.

  • Education credits are awarded for participation in structured learning activities such as seminars or workshops, academic/professional qualifications and other educational activities.
  • Professional credits are awarded for participating in activities that develop the professional skills and knowledge of other professionals or for being involved in activities that apply knowledge and expertise in the wider community.
  • Personal Learning credits cover those activities that do not fit the educational requirements of the CPD programme and may be claimed through a Personal Learning Statement.
  • Lastly, networking credits are awarded for participation in opportunities to advance your knowledge by meeting with your peers, mentors or Industry Partners.

Many members have already started to record their CPD activities and they will be listed as ‘CPD Active’ until they have gained the 60 credits required to become ‘CPD Approved’.

Special congratulations must go to EIGCA Vice President Christoph Städler who was the first Member to achieve ‘CPD Approved’ status, helped by the credits awarded for successfully completing the RSSGCD sustainability programme.

Providing a formal Continuing Professional Development programme to bring it in line with other similar professional bodies is an important step forward in the EIGCA’s evolution as a representative body. It is also a significant benefit for members as they will be able to improve both their knowledge and professional competence and demonstrate this to interested parties.

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The CPD Programme is being sponsored by Partners Rain Bird and John Deere.

For more information on the EIGCA CPD Programme please contact the EIGCA office .

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