Tom Mackenzie Past President UK

Date: Mon 05 Mar 2018

EIGCA Past President Tom Mackenzie restores bunkers to this Colt downland course

After a rolling programme of bunker reconstruction which had already taken 3 years, Effingham took the bold step to finish their final six holes this autumn.

Effingham GC

This involved 27 new or reshaped bunkers and the removal of 7. The aim throughout has been to stay faithful to the design philosophy of Harry Colt who laid out the course originally. The Club’s plans are to launch the completed work next May with a large pro-am event.

Harry Colt is rightly regarded as one of the greatest golf course architects. At the heart of his skills was his ability to route courses over difficult terrain to create excellent holes. Effingham is one of the finest examples of his skill at this with players finding themselves high in the North Downs almost effortlessly without feeling like any of the holes have been uphill. It is a master stroke and the layout has stood the test of time.

“The work started with a historic study, but this was inconclusive, so we agreed an approach with the club to revamp the bunkering using the philosophy of Colt & Company,” Tom said. “Fundamental to that was the quote of Colt’s partner Hugh Alison: “What is the aim of a golf architect? To design courses which give the greatest possible pleasure to the greatest possible number”.”

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