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Date: Thu 22 Mar 2018

Better Billy Bunker- helping ease the burden

Since the start of the recession in 2008 two things have become a certainty in the Golf world: Maintenance staff will continually need to do more with less and Golf Clubs will need to work harder to attract, and, keep Customers.



Course Managers have long lamented the level of criticism they get from Golfers regarding Bunker conditioning- they are after all a hazard that should exact a penalty-right? Well in an age where customers expect more for less this may be right but is it sustainable….

When one considers that 30% and more can be spent (or wasted, depending on your viewpoint) on Bunker maintenance, the advent of Liner solutions to reduce this burden should come as a surprise to no one.

Golf Club Zurichsee

Golf Club Zurichsee

Better Billy Bunker is a market leader in modern lining solutions and its patented process is in place at some of the worlds leading Golf Courses, providing an efficient and cost effective means of ensuring consistent playing conditions, the elimination of wash outs and a dramatic reduction in labour hours fixing things after Rain events. We refer to these hours as ‘the biggest waste in the Golf Industry’.

Recent installations include The RAC in Epsom, Surrey where Past EIGCA President Tom Mackenzie led a re-design of the clubs Bunkers and Golf Club Zurichsee in Switzerland where Course Superintendent Steven Tierney currently has a Course extension and remodel in progress.

Better Billy Bunker has a network of Certified Installers ready and able to help Golf Courses reduce their maintenance costs. For more information go to

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