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Date: Mon 19 Mar 2018

Profile Porous Ceramic Rises Among The Legends

Profile Porous Ceramics (PPC) have become increasingly popular as an amendment in desert golf courses, where managing local sands and providing long-term stability in a rootzone can be challenging.

Newly installed rootzone at The Legends

Newly installed rootzone at The Legends

The latest course to adopt the product in its mix is The Legends Golf Course in Dubai, UAE, a Peter Harradine-designed 9-hole golf course.

The contractor for the project, Orient Irrigation, had seen favorable results through their experience on another Middle East golf project, and made the recommendation to include PPC in the rootzone mix at The Legends as well.

bulk sack of Greens Grade

Following their recommendation, a number of different sands were sent to a USGA-accredited lab for analysis and they were then blended with Profile Porous Ceramics. The results came back showing the Profile-amended mixes having an optimum balance of air space and water-holding capacity, along with good infiltration rates compared to the straight sands.

Profile Porous Ceramics feature internal pore space that help to capture and hold water in a mix, but the particles also promote infiltration, allowing water to move deeper into the rootzone - critical in a challenging environment of desert heat where evapotranspiration takes place at the surface, and greens need to be flushed more often to remove salt build up from irrigation water.

The product helps from a nutrient retention standpoint as well. The pH of the Profile Porous Ceramics is 5.0-5.5 pH which, in the case of the mix at The Legends, helped reduce the naturally-high pH of the soil, bringing the overall rootzone mix to the desired pH level for better nutrient uptake and long-term viability of the mix.

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