Semillas Fito Bentgrass

Date: Tue 29 May 2018

TOUR PRO(GDE) Creeping bentgrass

Next generation of a creeping bentgrass variety with less inputs.

TOUR PRO last SEMILLAS FITO release, produces quick, elegant and slow growing turf.

It is very good example of a sustainable variety with medium color. The turf surface is durable and has a medium to fine leaf texture.

It was rated 1 in Turf quality in the 2015 NTEP Traffic Stress Trial.

TOUR PRO was selected and improved being resistant to diseases like Dollar spot and pink Snow Mold. Its high density crowds out poa annua.

TOUR PRO is highly recommended for use on Putting greens and wherever a high performing, fine-textured and disease resistant surface is desired.

Seeding rate: 5-8 gr/m2

Seed count: 13.245 seeds/gr

Growth habit: Upright

Establishment rate: 14-21 days under good conditions

Mowing height: 3-5 mm

Traffic tolerance: Excellent

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