Date: Thu 21 Feb 2019

Latvia club re-design with assistance from Nicklaus Design, Dirk Bouts MEIGCA

Jurmala Golf Club & Hotel is located near Riga, which is the capital of Latvia. After an initial newly constructed golf course was opened back in 2008, Nicklaus Design was invited in 2011 in order to study the possibilities to re-design and help construct the best possible new golf course within the existing property.

The initial thought by the Client was to renovate the existing golf course, but it became clear to all that the only proper option was to completely redesign and rebuilt the entire golf course.

After various design options were studied, construction started at the end of 2013 and was completed in 2017. Time was given to properly grow-in the golf course through 2018 and the 18-holes par-72 course and the 9-holes par-3 course and relating amenities were opened at the end of 2018.

The site was very challenging as it was located below sea-level and large parts of the site consist of peat. Proper drainage of the site and the golf course ended up the main focus for the design and construction of the golf course, and while keeping proper water management and drainage practices in mind, the golf course has integrated the existing water bodies and added varies new water features where required. Working in the wet conditions and the cold temperatures through the winter proved to be a challenge, but we were able to take advantage of the frozen soil conditions in order to do earthworks in the wet and soft areas. Great care was taken to put a professional construction and management team together and along with implementing the best possible construction methods, sand capping the fairways, installing USGA greens seeded with T1 Creeping Bentgrass, good drainage all over the course, a good irrigation system for the dry Springs and Summers, modern bunker liner installation, the use of very good bunker sand, this has resulted in providing dry and first class playing conditions at all times. The use of a blend of Kentucky Blue/Fine Fescue grass mix for tees, fairways and roughs keeps the maintenance simple and easy and allows for fairway lines to be modified/adjusted as per the required conditions.

What I found particularly interesting was that with the right approach, the proper design and professional construction methods, a very average, newly constructed golf course was turned into a great golf course facility, providing the highest standards to be enjoyed by all kinds of golfers alike.

The end result is a great 18 holes par-72 golf course and a fun 9-holes par-3 golf course along with excellent practice facilities, first class maintenance practices and great clubhouse and hotel amenities.

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