Date: Mon 13 Jul 2020

“Around the World” Tour on Instagram

EIGCA’s “Around the World” tour on Instagram has started really well. So far, 19 members have provided images of nearly 70 projects in 28 countries.

Each project posted on our Instagram profile (@golfcoursedesign-eigca) receives additional exposure by also being posted on EIGCA’s Twitter page and Facebook page.

The more members who submit photographs of projects, the longer we are able to sustain this campaign to promote the capabilities and spread of work undertaken by EIGCA members. Posts so far are attracting attention and new followers include those who are greenkeepers, club managers, course managers, media, non-members, and suppliers.

If you wish to submit details of your projects, please contact Lindsey Collumbell who will provide details of the information need to accompany each project you have worked on.

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