Peter Fjällman Sweden

Date: Mon 01 Mar 2021

Peter Fjällman, MEIGCA, to create new golf holes at Gripsholm´s golf course in Sweden.

The golf course at Gripsholm is situated an hour drive southwest of Stockholm.

Picture Copyright: GolfStar

Picture Copyright: GolfStar

The course is owned by GolfStar which is northern Europe's largest "Multi course operator" and operates a total of 19 golf courses spread over 13 facilities. Their facilities are located around Greater Stockholm.

GolfStar have sold some of the land of the golf course to a local building company.

“We are very happy with the agreement and the company who is locally based and has a very long and broad experience from building properties that blend into Mariefred's unique character. We believe that new homes will be an excellent complement to the golf course and create an even more attractive area for both golf and recreation”, says Tony Trigell, CEO of GolfStar.

“The construction also means that our fine golf course will have a number of new holes. A master plan for the 18-hole course will now be developed together with our golf course architect Peter Fjällman”, Tony continues.

“I have been working together with GolfStar for many years with golf projects at their different facilities. To continue to be involved in the development of the golf course at Gripsholm feels extremely stimulating. We will create new golf holes that blends well into the remaining holes and make a good golf course even better”, says Peter Fjällman.

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