Scarabelli Irrigazione S.r.l.

Date: Mon 31 Jan 2022

New Golf facility on Cape Verde Islands

EIGCA Bronze Partner Scarabelli Irrigazione S.r.l. worked on the irrigation for the new course.

Copyright Scarabelli Irrigazione S.r.l.

Copyright Scarabelli Irrigazione S.r.l.

On 27 December 2021, the first 9 holes of the Viveiro Golf Club on the island of Sal, the first golf facility on the Cape Verde Islands, were opened on an area of 5.5 hectares planted with Paspalum Vaginatum in the Pure Dinasty variety. This is the first part of a project to build a 27-hole course on a total area of more than 30 hectares.

The island of Sal is characterised by particularly challenging natural conditions such as constant wind throughout the day, with peaks of up to 65 knots, and no water.

The irrigation system, built with the best Rain Bird technology and IC computer control system, consists of more than 550 sprinklers, an automatic mains filter STF to protect the system and Pn16 high density polyethylene piping with heat welding.

The Grundfos pumping station that sucks in water from the artificial lake filled with appropriately purified and desalinated water recovered from the sea is able to deliver 90 cubic metres per hour at a pressure of 9 bar, with a daily consumption of 350 cubic metres.

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