Scarabelli Irrigazione Sheraton Golf Parco Dé Medici Hotel & Resort Rome Italy

Date: Tue 31 Oct 2023

Renovation at the Sheraton Golf Parco Dé Medici Hotel & Resort in Rome

During the months of February to April 2023, Bronze Partner, Scarabelli Irrigazione, with the support of its authorised installers and the supervision and control of Superintendent Mr. Rocco Nigro and collaborator Mr. Mario Nuti, was engaged in the golf renovation project at the Sheraton Golf Parco Dé Medici Hotel & Resort in Rome.

Located inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare, this prestigious Roman golf club is surrounded by 85 hectares of green, divided into three difficulty courses: the white, the blue and the red. The courses are protected by technical bunkers and difficult water obstacles, which highlight the golfing qualities.

Scarabelli Irrigazione, as the exclusive distributor of Rain Bird golf products, was commissioned to design and build the renovation project for the 18-hole irrigation system.

The original state of the Roman Golf Club's irrigation system was composed of a block system with hydraulic sprinklers and electro-hydraulic converters, without a central control.

A hybrid IC - decoder system was designed for this system, with dual control cables from the ICI+ and LDI interface.

The greens were completely revised, and new-generation Rain Bird 752IC sprinklers connected to the ICI+ interface were installed.

The positioning was done with double sprinklers, one to irrigate the green part and one to irrigate the collar part.

The electro-hydraulic converters that were maintained for fairway, rough and tee control were connected to the former decoder technology with LDI interface.

Currently, the control system is based on Rain Bird's Cirrus II computerised control unit; the next installation with the new Rain Bird CirrusPRO system is planned soon.

The pumping staon has also been revisited, with the renovation of the aspiraons and the installation of an automatic mesh filter.

Scarabelli Irrigazione is proud to have contributed to improving the wellbeing of the greens of Rome's famous golf club and to the success of two excellent courses for all golf lovers, trying to optimise that precious commodity called water.

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