Date: Mon 05 Dec 2011

True Links: An Illustrated Guide to the Glories of the World's 246 Links Courses

By George Peper and Malcolm Campbell. An illustrated guide to the glories of the world’s 246 Link Courses. Although to the uninitiated, links is synonymous with golf, in fact a links is a specific kind of golf course. It's located close to the sea, on dune-like terrain over sandy, infertile soil; this results in fast-running fairways, but the ever-changing maritime winds make playing the course the ultimate challenge in golf.

True Links

After an entire chapter devoted to their No.1 links - the Old Course at St. Andrews (birthplace of the game) George Peper and Malcolm Campbell examine the 50 next best links, all located in the British Isles, in detail. Later chapters cover links in other parts of the World (their list has 5 courses in North America) and the newest links, built in the last 25 years as part of the environmentally sensitive minimalist movement. Most of the courses are captured in their glory by esteemed golf photographer Iain Lowe.

Published by Artisan Division of Workman Publishing, 2010

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