Date: Wed 18 Dec 2013

Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game, by George Waters, with a preface by Tom Doak.

This book explores what makes golf, and golf course architecture, so special on sandy terrain. Golf was born on sandy ground and the features of the game are a direct product of that terrain. Fairways and greens were derived from the naturally occurring areas of short grass found among the coastal dunes of Scotland.

Sand and Golf

The original hazards were natural areas of bare sand that can be found scattered throughout any dune landscape. As the game spread beyond the links it took these features with it, and while they have been incorporated into a variety of landscapes they have always fit best on sandy ground. It is no surprise that courses built on sand have played a central role in golf’s history and expansion around the world. Even the best courses of the modern era are products of sandy terrain. The reason that golf is at its best on sandy ground it that it quite literally belongs there.

The book looks at all aspects of the relationship between sand and golf from its earliest days to its spread across the globe. It explores the art and architecture of golf on sandy terrain from every angle, using examples and photographs from the best sandy courses in the world.

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