Date: Tue 11 Jun 2019

The what, the why, and the how of EIGCA’s new purpose

The environment in which professional bodies exist is a challenging one. With so many demands competing for the attention of stakeholders, professional bodies such as the EIGCA must ensure they are relevant in order to survive.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

For some organisations, being relevant involves a dramatic rethink of why they exist. For EIGCA, the solution for longevity has been simpler and involved a (perhaps brave) decision by the Institute’s Council to adopt a purpose-driven approach to unite all stakeholders behind a common cause.

A purpose to unite

The purpose which the EIGCA Council agreed to adopt is:

“Safeguarding the future of golf through the design and development of sustainable golf courses”

The decision to adopt this purpose-driven approach coincided with the Institute needing to update its five-year plan and so was the perfect opportunity to reframe how EIGCA serves its members and partners. As a result, the organisation’s objectives and activities are now divided across five strategic pillars:

  1. Membership – provide opportunities for golf course architects to meet, discuss and share ideas and thoughts on the practice of golf course design
  2. Partnership – facilitate opportunities for providers of products and services in golf course design and construction to connect with golf course architects
  3. Professional Development – maintain a professional development framework that sets the standard for professionalism in golf course architecture
  4. Sustainability – design golf courses which have a positive impact on the environment and which reflect the importance of environmental sustainability in golf course development
  5. Voice and Visibility – be the voice of golf course architecture and recognised as an authority on golf course design by the profession, members, partners and all stakeholders.

Connect, educate and inform

These strategic pillars give a clear focus for how the EIGCA is relevant to its stakeholders and provide a framework to support the EIGCA’s mission to connect, educate and inform. As a result, at the heart of everything the EIGCA does to serve its members and partners are the following three elements:
Connect – we will connect member with member, and member with partner so that:

  1. Members can share ideas to develop the practice of golf course design
  2. Members can source trusted providers of associated products and services

Educate - we will commit to educate and train golf course architects to achieve & maintain a high standard of design and professional expertise, so that:

  1. We help members develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of course design
  2. Members will have a grounding in sustainable golf course design so their designs have a positive impact on the environment
  3. Members can learn new skills and develop current skills so they are at the forefront of golf course design
  4. Members have a differentiator over non-members in terms of approach to life-long learning
  5. Partners have opportunities to inform members of the latest products and services available to ensure best practice, innovation and quality are included in golf course designs

Inform - we will build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, so that:

  1. Members will want to be part of the EIGCA
  2. Providers of associated products and services will want to partner with the EIGCA
  3. EIGCA has credibility as the voice of golf course architecture because as it speaks on behalf of the majority of golf course architects working in Europe
  4. EIGCA is positioned as an authoritive and authentic voice on golf course design as its members are held to a high standard of design practice

This is only the start

The purpose and mission outlined in this article are only the start of the journey as EIGCA will only be relevant if you take advantage of what it does to serve you as a stakeholder in the golf course design profession.

The Institute will play its part by providing the opportunities which members and partners need in order to thrive, so it is now down to you to make sure that you take advantage of them – attend events, share your expertise, develop your current skills, widen your design knowledge, meet other members and partners to collaborate on projects.

Are you with us?

With this clear purpose in mind, are you with us? Are you united with the EIGCA to safeguard the future of golf through the design and development of golf course design, whether as an architect or a supplier of products or services to golf course architects? If your answer is yes, then the EIGCA needs you.

This new purpose-driven approach and mission to connect, educate and inform has triggered a brand-new approach to public relations and marketing by the EIGCA with an increased number of opportunities to get involved with the work of the Institute as well as promote your own expertise. Don’t be shy. If you want to take advantage of the many opportunities to get yourself heard, please don’t hide away. Be loud and proud of your expertise and let the rest of the golfing community know what it means to be part of the EIGCA.

By Lindsey Collumbell, EIGCA’s PR and Marketing Consultant

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