Date: Mon 10 Jun 2019

EIGCA Silver PartnerJacobsen's Eclipse® 322

The latest in hybrid drive technology and the ingenuity of Jacobsen’s unique mower control systems combine to make the Eclipse® 322 a leading contender when considering low emission mowers.

This ride-on greens mower has a number of environmentally friendly features alongside superior mowing capability that make it the industry’s leading ride-on hybrid greens and fine turf mower.

Customers can choose from three power sources – battery, hybrid diesel or hybrid petrol. Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 50% using either hybrid option, with the battery-powered model completely eliminating the need for fuel.

The machine is also the industry’s only 100% hydraulic-free small area reel mower with full electric traction drive, lift/lower, reels and steering, eliminating all waste hydraulic oil and risk of leaks.

An impressive statistic related to the all-electric version is that, depending on the number of hours the machine is used, a user can save up to 2864 litres (630 gallons) of fuel and up to 118 litres (26 gallons) of waste oil per year.

Jacobsen’s enhanced mower control systems joins all of these environmentally friendly features. The Eclipse® 322 is the only ride-on reel mower that allows you to programme and set the frequency of clip (FOC) to suit your turf conditions and ensure consistent results regardless of who is operating the machine. Clip rate has been independently shown to affect green speed, trueness and smoothness. By maintaining the clip rate, regardless of forward speed, the Jacobsen Eclipse® 322 gives a course manager the best opportunity of improving green playability from mowing activities alone.

Operators also have greater control over their cutting pattern with reels that can be independently lowered and lifted, with the centre reel on a swing-out mechanism for easy maintenance. All models come with a complete greens management system, including TrueSet® cutting units with Classic XP® reels.

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