Date: Sat 08 Jun 2019

Stunning early results for Capillary Hydroponics

EIGCA Bronze Partner Capillary Concrete, the supplier of golf’s most scientifically advanced bunker liner product, has launched a revolution in golf turfgrass management – and the first installations are showing some great results.

Installing Capillary Hydroponics

Installing Capillary Hydroponics

Capillary Hydroponics is the first true hydroponic system for turfgrass. It brings the same advantages that hydroponics have delivered in the horticultural sector to turfgrass managers: over the past 25 years, the use of hydroponics has transformed the way plants are grown, dramatically reducing inputs while delivering better control and plant quality.

The system is based on the patented Capillary Concrete replacing gravel as a drainage medium, using its capillary properties to enable both drainage and irrigation from below and to precisely regulate the moisture content of the turf’s rootzone. Water savings of up to 75 per cent have been seen on golf tees, and currently a worldwide pilot programme is rolled out at selected client locations.

The Capillary Hydroponic system enables massive increases in gas exchange below the top four inches of the rootzone – the area which conventional aeration methods do not adequately service. Because carbon dioxide molecules are heavier than those of oxygen, they are not easily removed from deep in soils The system pushes out the heavier molecules and sucks oxygen into the turf profile by raising and lowering the water table. It also delivers optimal levels of nutrients directly to the rootzone, further developing deep and healthy root systems.

Joshua Kelley, superintendent of grounds at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Hawk’s Landing Golf Club, a trial site, reports that one trial tee box has not required overhead irrigation in six months, except for two cycles to water in a herbicide.

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