Date: Wed 26 Jun 2019

Spotlight on ... Toro

EIGCA Gold Partner Toro are well known for their high-quality machinery and irrigation, but what else can you tell us about Toro that we might not know?

In February of this year, Toro announced its continued investment in the construction industry through the $750 million purchase of The Charles Machine Works Company, which includes the Ditch Witch brand of horizontal drills and trenchers.

The Ditch Witch product line will complement the Toro’s existing Site Works product range featuring the Dingo Compact Tool Carrier, which provides a versatile alternative to hand labor, and skid-steer loaders especially in tight areas with limited access.

Do you have any new or recent developments that you can tell us about?

Outcross 960

Outcross 960

The Outcross 9060 is not a traditional tractor. It is a time-saving, easy-to-use, multi-purpose, turf-friendly powerhouse that brings year-round flexibility, consistency and productivity to turf maintenance operations. This functionality and versatility gives Outcross users the ability to replace two or three pieces of equipment with one Outcross, and still do more.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the irrigation industry over the last 10 years?

Limitations in water quantity and quality are two of the greatest challenges we face globally today. We understand the importance of water in creating functional landscapes and recreation areas, as well as producing food and other crops. Therefore, we strive to innovate industry-leading irrigation solutions that apply water more efficiently to turf, landscapes and agricultural crops. We collaborate with universities, industries and communities to further education and awareness around proper irrigation strategies for enhancing and protecting our ecosystems. In addition, we provide product and financial resources to help nonprofits, consumers and businesses realize the environmental and economic benefits of water efficiency.

Taking irrigation efficiency to the next level, Toro’s comprehensive Lynx Central Control System combines access to real-time course information, precision control options, and convenience through mobile connectivity to better manage turf health and water resources. Expanded capabilities through the new Lynx Smart Hub, Lynx Smart Satellite and Lynx Dash provide even greater functionality and control.

Advanced solutions in site assessment, like Toro's new PrecisionSense™ technology, measure the variability of key site attributes – including soil moisture, salinity, compaction and plant performance – to help customers improve water and resource efficiency, and produce healthy, more uniform turf.

Toro’s Turf Guard® wireless soil monitoring system measures and reports soil moisture, temperature and salinity. The real-time data helps customers make more informed decisions on when and how much to water, ensuring healthier turf without over or under watering.

All three of these elements, along with innovations such as GeoLink (a GPS controlled sprayer) and the fleet management software myTurf, form part of what Toro calls the Internet of Turf, providing Superintendents the information they need to make informed decisions both on and off the course.

From a manufacturers perspective what advice would you have for Golf Course Architects?

Stay abreast of the challenges that golf operators face, whether it be environmental, financial or member/guest satisfaction. The balance of these three elements is where sustainability really lies and without this balance, a golf course cannot survive.

What interesting environmental initiatives are Toro involved with?

In 2018, The Toro Company entered into a strategic equity investment with GreenSight Agronomics, a leader in automated drone sensing technology for the turfgrass and agricultural markets. For golf course professionals, the system provides thermal mapping and detection analytics to improve turf health with less water, and reduced fertilizer and pesticide use.

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