Date: Tue 14 Jul 2020

Simons Golf Club have chosen Bronze Partner Capillary Concrete

Simons Golf Club in Denmark which is a European tour venue decided to review the existing bunkers from a strategic point and also look to rectify some maintenance and playability issues

With that the 27 hole site has chosen Capillary Concrete bunker liner for the way forward and this is in partnership with EIGCA member Caspar Grauballe who has also incorporated several new run-off areas and new bunkers and tees along with other works.

The course is divided in to three separate loops and some are just core out of existing bunkers and others are new bunkers and surrounding areas and to date the works have been received extremely well by all concerned. The weather has been extremely warm and dry which has helped with the construction progression of another of EIGCA partner Greenmakers by Nelson & Veccio led by David Nelson the Managing Director who has been hands on fully with this project and his team have done an excellent job during difficult times with COVID-19.

Once the bunkers have been cleaned out and shaped they replace the existing drainage and smooth and compact the base with a whacker plate and they also shape a shelf which has Capillary Concrete installed on also and once dry the following day they are installing a low level dura-bunker edge and then upside down turf and natural turf on top to finish and this creates a long lasting, low maintenance bunker with for Simons Golf Club for many years along with our 10 year performance guarantee so this offers a higher return on investment.

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