Date: Mon 19 Jul 2010

USGA Green Section Record changes to Digital format

After being in print under a variety of titles since 1921, the USGA Green Section Record will change to a digital-only format. The new format brings a distinct opportunity to disseminate information to a much larger and more diverse audience, and includes content and features that are possible only in a digital environment. They will continue to provide technical information to the turfgrass industry and will expand subject matter to include course care topics addressed to golfers.

The Green Section Record will become a regular mailing that highlights regional updates, articles and webcasts developed for golf course superintendents, course officials and golfers, allowing readers to easily connect to supplemental materials for the topic at hand. Full-text articles also will be available for reading and downloading for the Course Care section of the USGA Website.

To subscribe to the new Green Section Record via email go to

The USGA website also includes a section entitled Articles and Resources, ( some taken from the Green Section Record and some original, on subjects of interest to all golf facilities, such as construction and the environment, in particular the USGA Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction. All of these articles have now been indexed and can be found in the Journal Contents database

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