Date: Mon 19 Jul 2010

Golf Club Histories

A few years ago the decision was taken to start a collection of golf club histories. The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw the foundation of a great many golf clubs and many of these have been celebrating their centenaries by publishing their history.

Golf Club Histories

Over a period of several months, and every year since, I have written to these clubs to ask if they be kind enough to donate these books to us.
Many of them have generously sent their books and have expressed their pleasure at having them included in our collection: ‘it is good to know that a small piece of Lancashire golfing history resides in your prestigious library’.

I have recently written to clubs who celebrated their centenaries last year and have already received over a dozen books. I would like to thank those clubs for their generosity.

We now have nearly 400 titles making it a very significant and unique collection. Much can be learnt from studying the work of others, even when, as one secretary put it ‘our course may well be a lesson in how not to design a golf course’! Some are just thin pamphlets, but many are lavish publications, fully illustrated with photographs from their past. Often they have descriptions of the course and details of how it has changed over the years – and significantly – who designed it and made the changes.

it is good to know that a small piece of Lancashire golfing history resides in your prestigious library

All the books are all listed in the Library catalogue and can be found by either searching for ‘Clubs’ in the ‘category’ field or by searching for the individual club name. Several members have searched for an architect’s name to come up with a list of courses that that architect has been involved in. Most can be borrowed, but the best way to enjoy them is to visit the Library and see them for yourself!

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