Date: Mon 19 Jul 2010

Current Journal Contents Vol 7, no 6 July 2010

Included in this issue are references from: Golf Club Management, June 2010, Golf Club Secretary, July 2010, Golf Range News, June 2010, Greenkeeper International, July 2010 and USGA Green Section Record, May-June 2010; and from online sources: Asian Golf Business, June 2010, By Design, Summer 2010, Golf Business News, and Golf Inc, Spring 2010.


Architecture for the next decade.
Author: Michelle Weyenberg
Development may be sluggish, but golf course design is not dead. Four trends are leading the world's architects into this next decade.
Golf Inc, Spring 2010. Pages: 38-41


Sir Nick Faldo's highly anticipated 18-hole Cyprus masterpiece is one of Europe's finest golf experiences.
Elea Golf Club near Paphos, Cyprus, will be officially opened this autumn.
Golf Range News, June 2010. Pages: 54-55

Jinji Lake Golf Club - a Chinese treasure.
Author: Chris Gray
The course features 27 holes, with three distinct nines. The Forest course is a parkland style course, the Wetlands course features an abundance of water hazards, while the Links course is set on the edge of a lake.
Asian Golf Business, June 2010. Pages: 34-39

Danang Golf Club draws curtain back on Dunes course.
A Greg Norman design, the 18-hole, links-style layout weaves its way though rugged sand dunes down to a stetch of beach.
Asian Golf Business, June 2010. Pages: 70-71

Haggs Castle Golf Club.
Author: Colin Victor
Profile of Haggs Castle Golf Club, near Glasgow, which has recently seen vast improvements to its clubhouse and a revamp of its youth scheme.
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Pages: 52-53

Golf is coming home.
Author: Scott MacCallum
There is something about an Open played over the Old Course. Interviews with the greenkeepers who are working hard to ensure that this month's Open is played on the perfect stage.
Greenkeeper International, July 2010. Pages: 20-25


EGU helping golf 'go green'.
Author: Paul Keeling
The EGU, through various environmental and ecological initiatives, has striven to be top of the leader board on 'All Things Green' in the golfing world. They have a best practice guide to waste management through its website.
Golf Range News, June 2010. Pages: 12-13

Why brown is the new green! Player Design's eco-friendly mission.
Eco-friendly is a popular term these days. For gary Player Design this has become the central element in every golf course design project it undertakes.
Asian Golf Business, June 2010. Pages: 60-62

EIFG in golf's drive toward sustainability.
The Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) is leading a coalition to examine existing best management practices (BMPs) and will identify practical performance statements for the entire golf facility as part of Golf’s Drive Toward Sustainability.
Golf Business News, June 3rd 2010.

Sent to Coventry (environmental protection).
Author: Nat Sylvester
Coventry Golf Club, which has investigated how to harness solar and wind energy, and is committed to reducing irrigation and pesticide usage, is set to be certified by the Golf Environment Organization i(GEO) n less than two years.
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Page: 30

Loch and load (environmental protection).
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir
While Loch Lomand's embodiment of golf's exclusive image has partly led to a painful two years for the club, it has, conversely, benefitted from being one of the most forward-thinking golf clubs in the world when it comes to the environment.
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Pages: 32-33

The roar of the dandelions.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
Is the dandelion explosion the first sign of fall-out from EU pesticide meddling.
Greenkeeper International, July 2010. Pages: 28-32

How to tell golf's green story.
Author: Keith Carter
Golf is good for the environment. For years, courses have increasingly adapted management practices that encourage sustainable growth and protect the environment. So why does the rest of the world not know this?
Golf Inc, Spring 2010. Pages: 32-37

Golf Centres

Playsport Golf, East Kilbride.
Profile of a new sports centre near Glasgow.It includes a golf range and a nine hole course which borrows the theme offamous holes as its inspiration.
Golf Range News, June 2010. Pages: 4-11

Golf - the Game

Preserving the traditions & spirit of the game.
Author: Jim Schumacher
The Golf Preservation Foundation (GPF) will preserve the traditions of golf by championing the rules, manner & etiquette with which golf is played, controlling the effects of technology in the game, & promote conservation of the use of land & water.
Asian Golf Business, June 2010. Pages: 8-14

The Rules of Golf - Hazards.
Author: Shona McRae
An explanation of the hazards rule form the manager, Rules of Gold, R&A.
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Page: 14


The hidden cost of trees.
Author: David A Oatis
It is one thing to spend money to preserve and care for good-quality trees, but most courses have numerous poor-quality trees that add to maintenance costs without providing much benefit.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 3, May June 2010. Pages: 4-8

Perils and pluses of "In-house" renovations.
Author: James F Moore
Some jobs are appropriate as in-house projects, but some are better left to outside contractors.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 3, May June 2010. Pages: 19-23

Aer force.
Author: Philip Armitage
Aeration is one of the most important practices a greenkeeper can carry out. But, how should it be used and which machines should be deployed? Plus Buyer's Guide.
Greenkeeping, Issue 53, June 2010. Pages: 14-18

Eastern promises (greenkeeping in the Middle East).
Author: Alistair Dunsmuir; Nigel Harte
Golf course managers at some of the biggest resorts in the Middle East, and their agronomic advisers, detail what it is like working in arid climates and how they achieve consistancy in their course conditions.
Greenkeeping, Issue 53, June 2010. Pages: 26-31

The science of bunker drainage.
Author: Ian Tittershill
Bunker construction and lining is extremely important in both construction and maintenance. Bunkers account for less thatn two per cent of the playing area on a typical golf course yet account for over 25 percent of maintenance costs.
By Design, Issue 3, Summer 2010. Pages: 14-15

Health & Safety

On the ROPs (health and safety).
Author: Brian Butler
What can you do to prevent a mower toppling over and harming you or a colleague? Who would be deemed responsible - in law - if this happened?
Greenkeeping, Issue 53, June 2010. Pages: 32-34

Managing green waste - a wider perspective.
Author: Jon Allbutt
Further to the articles in the April and June issues of The GCS on this subject, Jon Allbutt, Health & Safety Consultant on all matters relating to golf clubs, gives the latest view on the H&S issues in this matter.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 14, no 7, July 2010. Pages: 50-51


Nicklaus Design bulks up its Indian operation.
Estimates have indicatioed there are approximately 500,000 golfers in India, and the number is forecast to grow at an annual rate of up to 30% for the next few years. More than 30% of the country's estimated 250 courses have opened in the last five years.
Asian Golf Business, June 2010. Pages: 40-46

Attracting the masses.
Author: Michele Witthaus
Golf in the Czech Republic.
By Design, Issue 3, Summer 2010. Pages: 12-13

Morocco's Plan Azur.
Author: Trevor Ledger
Morocco is tranforming itself into a premie tourist destination, thanks to financial support from the government. But the Frican nation's poor infrastructure could be a roadblock to its bold goals.
Golf Inc, Spring 2010. Pages: 22-23

The bubble boys.
Author: Robert J Vasilak
How long can the growth of the golf industry in China last?
Golf Inc, Spring 2010. Pages: 26-27


Abbey's road (water management).
Author: Nigel Harte
Abbey Hill GC is reducing its irrigation usage by 10 per cent thanks to the installation of 4,400 metres of piping - with zero disruption to golfers. Plus Buyer's Guide
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Pages: 59-62


Waste watchers.
Whether you want to reduce your consumption of energy or water in the clubhouse, or you want your course to be more environmentally friendly, the English Golf Union can help.
Golf Club Management, June 2010. Pages: 26-27

Sustainable Development

Firm and fast, at last!
Author: Brian Whitlark; Derf Soller
Economic challenges may serve as the incentive to improve conditions.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 3, May June 2010. Pages: 12-15

Built to last.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Sustainability has become a favoured buzzword, in golf as in many other areas of life. Does it have real meaning and importance for the game, or has it just become a cliché.
By Design, Issue 3, Summer 2010. Pages: 8-11

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