Date: Wed 13 Oct 2010

Golf Course Architecture – magazine, website and more…

Golf Course Architecture is published with the support and guidance of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, the European Golf Course Owners Association, the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the Golf Environment Organization. Many of you will be familiar with it, and, of course, it is indexed in the Current Journal Contents in this Newsletter.

GCA Cover

Through their website, Golf Course Architecture can now deliver much more and you can access it in several ways:

RSS Feed – by subscribing to their RSS feed you can get all the latest news about golf developments around the world.

E-mail newsletter – this comes out at the beginning of each month and highlights the most interesting stories of the previous month – a useful round up in case you have missed anything.

The magazine stands on its own – some of the news coverage will be from the stories added to the web site in the run-up to publication, some will be the same stories but with additional material, others won't have been online at all. And obviously the feature column and course review coverage debuts in the magazine and may appear online later. Most of the articles from previous issues have been added to the website.

The search facility allows you to search the complete back file of articles and news items, and gives you the full text of the articles (although you’ll have to go back to the magazine to see all the photographs originally published). I would suggest you only use single keywords to search as searching for a compound term produces an OR search and not an AND, and you end up with far more hits that are relevant.

GCA Green Pages is a directory of suppliers of products and services to the golf industry. To find a company, enter your requirements in the search box and click ‘search’. Alternatively go to the Green Pages section to search by activity, country or products/services.

All in all, a very useful resource, worth keeping an eye on!

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