Date: Thu 02 Dec 2010

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Bar Duo Bent

Superior greens mixture for lower nitrogen requirements, closer mowing and consequently faster greens!

Bar Duo is a distinctive blend of two different sub-species of bent grasses - Barking browntop bent (Agrostis capillaris) and Bengal creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera).
Each of these grasses offer exceptional characteristics in their own right, but combined offer further enhanced performance. The winter colour and wear tolerance of BarKing and the early spring green-up, summer colour, wear tolerance, fast recovery and improved drought tolerance of Bengal combine their complementary characteristics to offer consistent year-round colour and performance for putting surfaces under regular very close mowing regimes down to 2.5mm.

STRI – trial results
BAR Duo has demonstrated exceptional performance in the Barenbrug Golf Green Differential Input Trial at STRI. Comparisons with all other bent grass blends and monocultures in the trial, including browntop bent (Agrostis capillaris), velvet bent (Agrostis canina) and creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera), clearly establish the added value of BAR Duo, particularly when compared to bent grass monocultures.

Bar duo table

During the trial, each of the blends and monocultures were assessed on visual merit, which is an overall measure of the suitability of the sward for its potential use based on a combination of sward density, leaf width, colour and tolerance to disease and wear pressure. Visual merit was observed throughout the seasons over a three-and-a-half-year period from the early establishment stages.

Applications of Bar Duo
Construction, renovation and species exchange for golf greens
Improving winter performance of creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera) dominant golf greens
Enhancing the summer performance, competitiveness and recovery of very close mown browntop bent (Agrostis capillaris) dominant greens

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John Deere

Irrigation Online

John Deere Irrigation Website

A brand new irrigation section is now featured on the John Deere website at

This provides a comprehensive overview and detailed technical information for customers, contractors and consultants on the full range of John Deere Golf irrigation products and advanced control, sensing and communications systems. The site includes frequently asked questions and answers, downloadable brochures and a guide to choosing the best set-up for your needs, from high-tech control choices to smart water management.

John Deere has been providing precision water management products and solutions in the USA since 2006, and announced the expansion of its golf irrigation business into Europe for the first time at the end of 2007. The company offers a full irrigation package, from simple replacement inserts to complete systems, featuring the ability to control the system from anywhere in the world using an internet connection.

Ransomes Jacobsen

Roxburghe re-sign exclusive agreement with Ransomes Jacobsen and Fairways GM

Craig Pollock and his team at the handover of the fleet

Craig Pollock and his team at the handover of the fleet

The Roxburghe Hotel and Golf Course, one of Scotland’s finest country house hotels and renowned as the ‘Gateway to Scottish Golf’ has recently re-signed an exclusive turf maintenance equipment agreement with Ransomes Jacobsen and their local dealer, Fairways GM.

The equipment, which has been acquired on a three-year rolling contract with service plan, includes three ride-on greens mowers, two light fairway mowers, a trim and surrounds mower, a wide area rotary mower for the semi-rough, a ride-on bunker rake and a utility vehicle.

Course Manager Craig Pollock has a team of six full-time greenkeeping staff with a further five employed on a seasonal basis. He has been at Roxburghe now for 18 months, having previously been employed at Anstruther and St Andrews Links Trust in Fife, Cleveland and The Wynyard in the northeast of England and The Glen Golf Club in East Lothian.

Craig Pollock (left) is congratulated by Euan Thomson of Fairways GM

Craig Pollock (left) is congratulated by Euan Thomson of Fairways GM

Commenting on the new equipment he said, “Although we have renewed this tripartite agreement with Ransomes Jacobsen and Fairways, we ensured that we looked at all the equipment out there to ensure that we got best value for the business. Factors that affected our decision-making were the excellent levels service of that we always get from Fairways; it’s of the highest order and coupled with the quality and reliability of the equipment, we saw no reason to change.

On a personal level, I feel that the Jacobsen G-Plex III is one of the best greens mowers around; we’ve got greens and tees cutting units with these three, which gives us flexibility when managing these areas of the course.”

The 500 acre hotel and golf course complex, designed by one of the world’s renowned golf course architects Dave Thomas, is owned by The Duke of Roxburghe and set in mature woodland and rolling parkland by the river Teviot near Kelso.

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