Date: Mon 13 Dec 2010

GEO Sustainability Guidance launched

GEO have launched their guidelines for sustainable golf development in recent presentations at the Asia Pacific Golf Summit and the EGCOA Conference in London.

EIGCA have played a big part in this important project throughout: not only through our funding support, but also through continued promotion at our own events, and through the direct contribution of our Environment Convenor Mike Wood, who helped to define the scope and the shape of the content in his central role as Lead Consultant.

Ben Warren (GEO); Tom Mackenzie (EIGCA); Annika Sorenstam; Erik Larsen (ASGCA); Harley Kruse (SAGCA)

Ben Warren (GEO); Tom Mackenzie (EIGCA); Annika Sorenstam; Erik Larsen (ASGCA); Harley Kruse (SAGCA)

Tom Mackenzie and Jeff Howes attended in support of the launch in Bangkok, while President David Krause spoke in support of the Guidance at the EGCOA event.

The Guidance defines a comprehensive agenda to tackle golf development’s sustainability issues in a positive and pragmatic way. It provides advice ranging from an overview of the key concepts and principles down to a detailed Field Manual of practical action plans.

Free for everyone to copy and use as the basis for their own documents, these plans make it easy for architects and development teams to prioritise the important stuff, and define what is required at each step along the way. Also of particular value will be the real-world case studies, illustrating how projects around the world have are tackling specific aspects of the sustainability agenda at different stages of the development process.

The Guidance is available at

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