Date: Wed 15 Dec 2010

EIGCA plans a new vocational course for golf architects

The EIGCA is very proud of its education programme but due to the current market conditions the EIGCA Council, Education Board and Members felt it necessary to review the format.

The EIGCA is still committed to providing a formal education for aspiring designers but wants the programme to operate on a supply and demand basis to ensure we are not educating more people than there are jobs for.

The EIGCA has, therefore, decided to restructure the programme to create a vocational, learn-while-you-work scheme. It will only be open to prospective designers who are just getting into the industry and have already found employment in an EIGCA member’s practice.

The aim of the programme is to aid their development with a mixture of online learning and bi-annual workshops, whilst also receiving on the job training from their employer. We are still refining the format and will post regular updates so please continue to check the website for further details.

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