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Current Journal Contents Vol 7, no 10, December 2010

Included in this issue are references from: Golf Club Secretary December 2010, Golf Club Management November 2010, Golf Management Europe November 2010, Golf Range News November 2010, Greenkeeper International December 2010, Greenside December 2010, STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management October 20210; and online sources: Golf Business News, Golf Course Architecture, USGA E-mail Newsletter.


PGA accolade for Dave Thomas.
Four-time Ryder Cup player and EIGCA Senior Member (retired), renowned course architect Dave Thomas has been honoured with a special PGA award.
Golf Business News, December 9th 2010.


The new clubhouse - design from the outside in.
Author: Mungo Park
In some cases, a clubhouse can reach a point at which its operation is terminally flawed by the rigours of old age. When this point is reached there are two options; the first is to repair and refurbish. The second is to demolish and rebuild.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 14, no 12, December 2010. Pages: 90-93


Hilton Templepatrick.
Author: Alan Mahon
Designby by Davy Jones of European Golf Design, Hilton Templepatrick is a majestic eighteen-hole golf course located only a few miles from Belfast city centre.
Greenside, December 2010. Pages: 30-35


The wonder of sand dunes.
Author: Charlotte Durkin
A sand dune is a fantastic example of the process of primary succession. Primary succession on Irish Dunes takes place on glacial material deposited on land and the continental shelf between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago.
Greenside, December 2010. Pages: 18-19

Hedge fund (ecology).
Author: Keith Duff
Continuing his analysis on making courses more attractive to bird - and drawing on guidance from The R&A/RSPB's book on birds and golf courses - the author looks at hedgerows and scrub habitats.
Golf Club Management, November 2010. Pages: 56-59

Grow wild on the golf course... And put the habitat back.
Author: Linda Laxton
A guide of what to plant where, when to plant it and the benefits that different species bring.
Greenkeeper International, December 2010. Pages: 36-37

An environmental haven.
Author: Scott MacCallum
Fairhaven Golf Club, in Lytham ST Annes, is one of the finest tests of golf in an area renowned for quality courses. It has an equally strong reputation for it's environmental stewardship
Greenkeeper International, December 2010. Pages: 18-23

UN COP16 conference at GEO certified resort.
Riviera Cancun Golf & Resorts and Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, two of the Mexican Caribbean’s leading golf destinations, have become GEO Certified, an internationally recognised award from the Golf Environment Organization.
Golf Business News, December 8, 2010.

Award winners 2010.
Author: Richard Stuttard
The overall winner if the STRI Golf Environment Awarsds is Portmore Golf Club.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 17-19

Ecology and landscape management.
Author: Bob Taylor
With autumn renovations well underway, many of the more proactive greenkeepers turn their attention towards ecological and landscape management through the more offline areas of the golf course.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 34-35

Are you getting nature's benefits?
Author: Michael Barratt
There are benefits that we get from nature but there is much concern about how our actions impact on them.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Page: 24

'Glass' act at Carden Park.
Carden Park Hotel Golf Resort has invested in a new high tech glass crusher, which crushes the bottles into very fine sand instantaneously. The result is soft enough to touch & ideal for spreading on its roughs, fairways and tees to maximise drainage
Golf Business News, November 23, 2010.

Golf - the Game

Cricket has 20/20 vision.
Author: Peter Simm
Cricket - like golf - has always been perceived as a pastime played by the middle classes, but in recent years, amid declining attendances, cricket reinvented itself. Can golf do the same thing?
Golf Management Europe, No 75, November 2010. Pages: 36-37

Prazza will create golf ball-finding revolution.
With an average of thirty minutes wasted looking for lost balls during a round of golf and an estimated 500 million golf balls lost around the world each year, the Prazza has the potential to revolutionise the sport.
Golf Range News, November 2010. Page: 48

BBC Five Live features Prazza's 'findable' golf ball.
BBC Radio Five Live covered this week’s announcement that Dutch firm Prazza is to launch a ‘findable’ golf ball.
With 6 million regular listeners a prime time slot on Five Live is one of the most coveted publicity goals in sport.

Golf Business News, November 5 2010.

Golf Centres

Dunstan Hall.
A first class De Vere Resort, just south of Norwich, England.
Golf Range News, November 2010. Pages: 4-9


New cart path surface at St Thomas'.
St Thomas’ Priory Golf Club, located on the prestigious Hawkesyard Estate in Staffordshire, England, has become the first course in Europe to install the Flexi-Pave cart path surface, developed in the United States.
Golf Course Architecture, 13 November 2010.

Getting ready for winter disease.
Author: Ruth Mann
Disease control at this time of year is essential to ensure you hit the cold, dark recesses of winter with clean greens, free from disease.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 28-29

Winterkill: preventing winter injury and speeding recovery when damage occurs.
Author: Stanley J Zontek
Last year, for the first time in years, golf courses in the British Isles experienced the effects of winterkill on putting greens. This phenomenon is a common and well-understoos turf management probel in the USA.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 30-31

New frontiers (sythetic turf).
Author: Peter Simm
The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will soon boast a new academy golf course - but will the course, like the main playing surface inside the tadium be constructed if sythetic turf?
Golf Management Europe, No 75, November 2010. Pages: 31-33

In-house versus contract renovations.
Author: Bud White
The decision to attempt an in-house renovation as opposed to an outside contractor has always been a controversial issue for golf courses.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 26, December 10, 2010.

Drainage without compromise.
Author: Kath Bentley
The wet weather of the last three summers, particularly across northern parts of the UK, has served to highlight drainage issues at many golf clubs.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 5-9

Understanding and appreciating firmness.
Author: Stanley J Zontek
The USGA, golfers, and turf managers have long recognized the link between fi rmness, good golf, and sustainable turf management.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 22, November 2010. Pages: 1-5

Preventing winter green damage.
Author: Jim Cook
Winter damage can be costly and time-consuming to repair. They have some experience of this at the Hauger Golf Club in Norway, where it is common for the course to be buried under three feet of snow for five months of the year.
Greenkeeper International, December 2010. Pages: 49-51

Dealing with snow and ice accumulation on golf greens.
Author: STRI
Last winter much of the UK was subject to extreme weather conditions. Such extreme conditions are potentially damaging to fine turf and the main aim is to limit the level of damage before moving towards the start of the next playing season.
Golf Club Secretary, Vol 14, no 11, November 2010. Page: 88

Development of the STRI Trueness Meter.
Author: Dr Stephen Baker; Dr Christian Spring
Over the years, equipment has been developed to record the key characteristics that influence playing performance. The latest, developed by STRI, measures the evenness of putting green surfaces.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, Issue 251, October 2010. Pages: 21-23


Comprehensive report on Irish golf.
The findings of the first comprehensive research report into the Irish golf industry was presented at a conference entitled ‘Road to Recovery - Golf Business Conference’ on Friday, 19 November in Dublin, prepared by FGS and Carr Golf Services,
Golf Business News, November 18 2010.

TPL's Egypt project on target for completion next spring.
El Ein Bay, a resort style golf course, designed by Thomson Perrett & Lobb is on target to open for play in Spring 2011.
Golf Business News, November 19 2010.

Royal Jersey calls on TPL.
Thomson Perrett & Lobb has been appointed by Royal Jersey Golf Club to carry out an audit of the historic Channel Island golf course and make recommendations to enhance the playing strategy.
Golf Business News, November 26, 2010.

Mission Hills 'Fantasy golf hole contest' launches.
The Mission Hills Group has unveiled the "Mission Hills Fantasy Golf Hole Contest." Amateur golf-course architects are invited to submit conceptual plans for a Par 3, 4 or 5 for the forthcoming Icon Course at Mission Hills, Hainan, China.
Golf Business News, December 3rd 2010.

Jeff Howes in Red Nine refurb at Malahide.
Jeff Howes Golf Design have just completed a major renovation project at Malahide Golf Club on the outskirts of Dublin, ireland.
Golf Management Europe, No 75, November 2010. Page: 10


Short memory.
Author: Bob Vavrek
Before and after pictures are useful for documenting dramatic changes made to a golf course, such as aggressive tree removal. Try to maintain the same perspective in both images to provide the most impact.
USGA Web Site, November 17 2010.


Researching perennial ryegrass winter survival.
Author: DaCosta, Michelle; Watkins, Eric
Investigating the physiological and biochemical changes associated with
winter survival will aid in breeding efforts for improved cultivars.

USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 26, December 10, 2010.

Turf war for invasive root nematodes
Author: Hilary Knight
A potent weapon is emerging in the fast moving turf war.
Greenkeeper International, December 2010. Pages: 31-34

Take a fresh look at the problem of worm casts on turf.
Author: Graham Paul
A look at the work of the humble earthworm.
Greenkeeper International, December 2010. Pages: 52-55

Paspalum grows up.
Author: Stacie Zinn
Known for its salt tolerance, seashore paspalum is marketed as the answer for salt-affected sites.
Golf Course Management, Vol 78, no 11,Nov 2010. Pages: 68-80

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