Date: Mon 24 Jan 2011

Current Journal Contents, Vol 8, No 1, January 2011

Included in this issue are references from: Golf Business Development January 2011, Golf Club Management January 2011, Golf Range News December 2010,Greenkeeper International January 2011 and Greenkeeping December 2010 and January/February 2011; and online sources: By Design Winter 2010, Golf Business News, Golf Course Architecture, Horticulture Week, KPMG Newsletter December 2010, Sky Sports and the USGA Green Section Record.


Get your bunkers in shape.
Author: Jonathan Tucker
A guide to bunker renovation.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 16-20

On the beach.
Author: Murray Long
How bunker construction and maintenance is carried out at Sunningdale
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Pages: 24-26


"Technically difficult".
European Golf Design created a course which fitted perfectly with the Ryder Cup.
Golf Business Development, No 9, Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Page: 42

McKenzie’s Praise for Twenty Ten course construction.
The Ryder Cup 2010 was able to proceed because of the combined efforts of many people, but it was the drainage system that had been irecently installed that was the real hero of the day, according to Jim McKenzie, Course Director at Celtic Manor.
Golf Business News, 17 December 2010.

Mannings Heath Golf Club.
An historic club near Horsham, Sussex, England, with 36 holes serving two different markets.
Golf Range News, December 2010. Pages: 4-9

A draining match for all…
McDowell, Westwood, Montgomerie? When you're nominating heroes from the Ryder Cup, surely the drainage system at Celtic Manor, installed by MJ Abbott Limited, deserves the freedom of Wales!
Golf Business Development, No 9, Dec 2010/Jan 2011.

Whitecraigs Golf Club.
Author: Darren Holbrooke
It has a rich history playing host to the likes of Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus, but the club is now investing in the future - by developing a short course for juniors and coaching for ladies, and revamping its changing rooms.
Golf Club Management, January 2011. Pages: 46-47


Every one a winner.
Author: Richard Stuttard
Richard Stuttard, of the STRI, reveals the winners of this year's Golf Environment Awrads and exp;ains why they were successful.
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Pages: 34-37

Take the heather with you (environmental management).
Author: Tania Sansom
During the late 1990s, in a bid to attract animals to the course, Piltdown GC's greenkeeing team started to restore heathe that had previously been wiped out. A look at the techniques the team deployed and what results have now been achieved.
Greenkeeping, December 2010. Pages: 14-15

New Malton completes first year at nation's first organic golf club.
Author: Gavin McEwan
New Malton GC has completed its first season on a 100% organic regime, during which time it has boosted surface quality, brought back wildlife and turned around a once failing course. However, recognition from the wider industry so far eludes them.
Horticulture Week, 17 December 2010.

The Golf Environment Awards: Award winners 2010.
Author: Richard Stuttard
Having focused on the recipients of the Overall Achievement in the last Green Matters segment, this time the other eight achievers in the 2010 Golf Environment Awards and examined.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 30-32

Reducing irrigated turf yields water savings.
Author: Brian Whitlark
Turf removal saves water for golf courses in the southwest region of the United States, according to USGA Agronomist, Brian Whitlark.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 40-41

Golf - the Game

'Enough is enough' (handicapping).
Author: Tim Aggett
Not only do golfers find the current handicapping system confusing, but clubs are actually loosing members because of perceptions over 'inactive' handicaps.
Golf Club Management, January 2011. Pages: 12-13

Golf Centres

The value of practice.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Academy courses can be created for small sums of money on compact pieces of land; think of the children’s course at North Berwick in Scotland.
By Design, Winter 2010. Page: 18

Green Speed

The STRI Programme: spectacular!
Author: Henry Bechelet; Richard Windows
The results of an STRI appraisal of one of the premier parkland golfing venue in Ireland.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 36-39


Traffic trouble (traffic management).
Author: Andy Cole
Wear and tear on tees and greens from golfers has been a greenkeeping headache for over 100 years. STRI's Andy Cole looks at the raft of measures that are now available to combat the problem.
Greenkeeping, December 2010. Pages: 6-8

Turfgrass management in Southeast Asia.
Author: Micah Woods
An insight into a different type of turf management.
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Pages: 18-21

European First for Hawkesyard’s St Thomas’s Priory Golf Club.
St Thomas’s Priory Golf Club in Staffordshire, is the first golf club in Europe to install a revolutionary new buggy path surface developed in the United States. Flexi®-Pave, which is manufactured from old car tyres, gravel and a patented compound.
Golf Business News, November 16 2010.

Down the drain (drainage).
Author: Jane Carley
Winter often focuses the mind on drainage, but the latest products and techniques can keep courses in play through even the worst of the rainfall. A look at how clubs can improve and extend course drainage.
Greenkeeping, December 2010. Pages: 36-37

High and dry.
Author: Jane Carley
In the second part Greenkeeing's analysis of drainage solutions, Jane Carley looks at decompaction treatments that can keep a golf course stay in play during a wet winter.
Greenkeeping, January/February 2011. Pages: 6-8

The STRI programme: routine stuff.
Author: Henry Bechelet
This is a case study of a golf club that STRI first became involved with in 2009. The club engaged STRI because the greens were falling well below the members level of expectation.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 5-8

The STRI programme: helping hand.
Author: Richard Windows
Over the past couple of years STRI has been developing a new side to the Agronomy service , aimed at being more accurate with their assessment of the greens.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 9-11

The burning question.
Author: Stuart Ormondroyd
How to improve green playing quality in the Spring.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 27-29

Championship conditions won’t work year-round.
Author: Derf Soller
Most championships are products of a year or more of preparation. To play and maintain championship conditions is difficult, and trying may not be in the best interests of many golf courses.
By Design, Winter 2010. Pages: 12-13


Gaunt/Steel Collaboration named ‘Best Renovation of the Year’.
Gaunt Golf Design, in a joint collaboration with Donald Steel, has been acclaimed for their work on the Carlson Farm Course at Greensboro Country Club, North Carolina in the journal 'Golf Magazine'.
Golf Business News, January 6 2011.

China at the crossroads.
Author: Colin Callander
Golf in China is booming at present but it needs more government support if it's full potential is to be achieved.
Golf Business Development, No 9, Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Pages: 34-35

Thomson Perrett & Lobb open African office.
Thomson Perrett & Lobb, the golf course architecture practice founded by five times Open Champion Peter Thomson with partners Ross Perrett and Tim Lobb, is to expand its international business by opening a Cape Town office to service Africa.
Golf Business News, 17 December 2010.

Rebirth for Nad al Sheba.
Dubai course to be resurrected by Peter Harradine following closure as part of the Meydan racecourse development.
Golf Course Architecture, 26 November 2010.

Ryder ambitions.
A successful 2018 Ryder Cup bid would provide around EUR 550 million for Portugal's economy - three times greater than the impact of Euro 2004. Sky Sports.
Sky Sports, 13 December 2010.,19528,12177_6577097,00.html

A decade for dragons.
Author: Geoff Russell
Rather than simply a three day world event, the Ryder Cup presented a unique ten year opportunity to promote golf in Wales.
Golf Business Development, No 9, Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Pages: 26-27

Upgrade for Royal Jersey.
Thomson Perrett & Lobb, golf course architecture practice, has been appointed by Rpyal Jersey Golf Club to carry out an audit of the Channel Island golf course and make recommendations to enhance the playing strategy.
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Page: 7

Jeff Howes Golf Design drives for Asia business.
Following a number of visits to China the Jeff Howes Design Team has embarked on an ambitious expansion drive into China and thereafter Southeast Asia.
Golf Business News, January 20 2011.

Clubs securing their future.
The New Year’s Resolution at many Welsh golf clubs should be to follow recommendations in the Securing the Future documents sent out by Golf Development Wales.
Golf Business News, January 14 2010.

Crock of gold for Wales?
Author: David J Williams
A look at how the Ryder Cup has affected Wales . Plus an article by Jack Killah on keeping up the momentum.
Golf Business Development, No 9, Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Pages: 40-41


The cost factor.
Author: ASGCA
Tips and techniques for reducing annual maintenance costs.
By Design, Winter 2010. Pages: 16-17

Bunker Naming Auction on Braid’s Brora Course.
Brora Golf Club has come up with a novel way of raising funds: they are auctioning the naming rights for each of the course’s 43 bunkers. The proceeds of this auction will be invested in equipment for the further development of the golf course.
Golf Business News, 16 December 2010.

How golf supports communities.
Author: Larry Hirsh
Golf courses are more than merely places to enjoy our sport. But just how much hard cash do they contribute to the economies of the communities in which they are located?
By Design, Winter 2010. Pages: 8-11

Water efficiency at Desert Mountain.
Author: Stuart Hackwell
Managing water and energy consumption is an ongoing challenge at Desert Mountain. New technologies are introduced every day and the key to future success is to employ these technologies
By Design, Winter 2010. Pages: 14-15

More for less (budgeting).
Author: Greg Evans
Maintaining standards while keeping a firm grip on costs is perhaps the most important aspect of any club employee's job, whether you are a greenkeeper, manager or a steward.
Greenkeeping, January/February 2011. Pages: 23-25

Sustainable Development

Case Study: Carya Golf Club, Belek, Turkey.
Carya GC, a heathland inspired golf course designed by Thomson Perrett & Lobb & set on sand hills & cut through pine & eucalyptus woodland in Belek, near Antalya, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline is a fine example of best practice in course design
KPMG Newsletter, December 2010.

BIGGA and GEO in new partnership.
The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) and The Golf Environment Organization (GEO) have established a partnership that will see the two bodies collaborate in promoting sustainability in golf facility management.
Golf Business News, January 21 2011.


Take a fresh look at the problem of worm casts on turf.
Author: Graham Paul
Every year when autumn approaches we are reminded of the presence of those hidden creatures living beneath the soil, as our grass is once again speckled with worm casts.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 12-15

The future is now.
Author: Dr Rick L Brandenburg
New insecticides provide excellent control while reducing environmental concerns.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 2, January 14 2011. Pages: 1-4

The putting green performance pyramid.
Author: Chris Hartwiger
A framework for putting green performance.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 27, December 17, 2010. Pages: 1-2

Nutrient and pesticide losses from Bermudagrass fairway turf.
Author: Gregory E Bell; Kyungjoon Koh
Study shows amounts of runoff after major storm events.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 48, no 27, December 17, 2010. Pages: 1-6

Early southern summer scorcher left a dry taste for turf.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
A succession of scorching hot and rainless days in June and July left turf dry and drought stricken, allowing may drought resistant weeds to flourish.
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Pages: 29-32

The architecture of grass and green speed.
Author: Tim Lodge
The extent to which a rolling golf ball is affected by the grass will be related in a very important way to the density of the shoots and to other factors such as their width and individual 'floppiness',
Greenkeeper International, January 2011. Pages: 23

Top of the queries.
Author: Dt Ruth Mann
The top ten pest and disease queries in 2010.
STRI Bulletin for Sports Surface Management, No 252, January 2011. Pages: 34-35

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