Date: Mon 14 Mar 2011

Golf Information News, Vol 8, No 2, March 2011

Welcome to the latest issue of Golf Information News.

I returned from my travels to find over 250 emails in my inbox, most containing e-newletters for me to scan for the Current Journals Contents, as well as a dozen or so hard copy journals. I’m sure many of you find it difficult keeping up with the vast amount of information being produced these days. That’s where I come in.

Current Journal Contents is, hopefully, a digest of all that you need to know.

Check out the list of journals that I scan to see the scope of the information I’m including. Some journals, such as Golf Architecture and Golf Course Architecture, I index almost cover-to-cover; others I am more selective about. Firstly I include all articles about Architects or Architecture, obviously. Then I try to include all Course reviews from all over the world. Anything about the Environment and Sustainable Development is also very important. In the Industry section I try to include anything about our members – so that you know what each other is doing – and also reviews about the state of play in countries where you might have an interest. That leaves Greenkeeping and Turfgrass which I am more selective about as I know these topics are of peripheral interest to you. But while you may not want to read the full articles, I am sure you will appreciate knowing that these topics are being written about should you need that information.

Many news items appear in several different newsletters – I’m sure you will have spotted the same stories recurring. I try to include just one report of a story, hopefully the best one, but often the first one I come across.

And don’t forget that all these references are in a database – Journal Contents. This now contains nearly 4000 references dating back to 2002. Members can access this after logging on to the website. Non-members may contact me for a search.

I’d love some feedback from you. How useful do you find my selections? Do you follow up some of the articles? Are there any other journals you think I should be scanning or topics that I should be covering? Please let me know.

As ever, if you have any enquiries you think I can help with, do contact me on .

Sue Stranger

Golf Course Design
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