Date: Mon 11 Apr 2011

Current Journal Contents, Vol 8, No 3, April 2011

Included in this issue are references from: Golf Business Development March/April 2011, Golf Club Management March 2011, Golf Management Europe March 2011, Greenkeeper International March 2011, Greenkeeping March 2011. Online sources include: Activate April 2011, Asian Golf Business April 2011, By Design Spring 2011, Golf Business News, Golf Course Architecture, USGA Green Section Record and World Golf Report.


Architects rank MacKenzie's theories.
A new survey of present-day golf architects has shown their views on Dr Alister MacKenzie’s ‘13 General Principles of Architecture’, originally published in his book The Spirit of St Andrews.
Golf Course Architecture, 4 April 2011.

Thinking different - alternative golf facilities.
Author: Adam Lawrence
As leisure time becomes ever more precious, the golf industry is coming up with new, quicker ways for people to experience the game.
By Design, No 6, Spring 2011. Pages: 8-11

Small change (course construction).
Author: Nigel Harte
Constructing a small course on non-utilisation land can be a long-term revenue generator but only provided clubs avoid costly mistakes.
Golf Club Management, March 2011. Page: 46

Ross's return - Pinehurst: a living case study for sustainable golf.
Author: Adam Lawrence
Pinehurst No 2 course, designed by Donald Ross, is being renovated.
By Design, No 6, Spring 2011. Pages: 12-13

Thinking outside the (tee) box - how some architects are redefining the golf experience.
Author: Michael Kahler, Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects
A project in Beijing involved creating a traditional style golf experience on an urban corporate camous, on a piece of land four hectares in size.
Asian Golf Business, April 2011. Pages: 80-84


Yorkshire’s true links.
Author: Scott MacCallum
Profile of Cleveland Golf Club, a links course at Redcar in Yorkshire, England.
Greenkeeper International, March 2011. Pages: 18-25

Stoke Park Country Club and Resort.
An historic site with luxuriously appointed leisure facilities. The original course was designed and constructed by Harry Colt.
Golf Range News,March 2011. Pages: 4-11

New relief holes at Walton Heath
Ian McMillan, head greenkeeper at the Herbert Fowler-designed Walton Heath Golf Club in England is completing grow-in on two new holes, designed to relieve pressure on the rest of the club’s Old and New courses during maintenance work.
Golf Course Architecture, 28 March 2011.

Going that extra mile.
Author: Jim Cook
In the aftermath of the Ryder Cup, Celtic Manor bore the scars from thousands of rain-soaked people walking around the roped-off sections. A look at the efforts which have gone into restoring the damaged areas in time for the Wales Open in June.
Greenkeeper International, March 2011. Pages: 26-27

Designs on Tuscany.
Rainer Preissmann and Wilfried Moroder, two of the Continent's most experienced designers, have played their part in a major new golf resort for Tuscany.
Golf Business Development, Issue 10, March/April 2011. Pages: 42-44

Changing times at Tynside Golf Club.
Author: Darren Holbrooke
An account of how the Tyneside Golf Club, the oldest inland club in the north-east of England, renovated its English Heritage-protected clubhouse for its centenary.
Golf Club Management, March 2011. Pages: 44-45

The Masters: what makes Augusta National America's best golf course?
Author: Ron Furlong
Three factors separate great golf courses from good golf courses: property, design and resources. The property in Georgia that Bobby Jones bought in 1931 for $15,000 is spectacular. The design by Alister MacKenzie is nothing shy of brilliant.
Bleacher Report, March 30 2011.

Castle in the sand (course construction).
Author: Tania Sansom
Sand-based Castle Stuart Golf Links in Scotland is one of the best new golf courses in the world. An interview with the head greenkeeper Chris Haspell about it. Plus Buyer's Guide.
Golf Club Management, March 2011. Pages: 48-53

Dartmouth attributes Tour success to coice.
Author: Lee Todd
The South Devon Golf Tour has been a great success for Dartmouth Golf and Country Club.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 19-21


On Course with nature: coexisting with coots.
Author: Joellen Lampan
Doing what is right is not difcult and doesn’t cost all that much.
USGA Green Section Record,Vol 49, no 10, March 11 2011. Pages: 1-2

Green renovations.
Author: Clyde Johnston; Bill Love
ASGCA members make a positive environmental impact each year through their thoughtful designs that not only work with nature, but enhance it. Two case studies which highlight their work in order to preserve the natural habitat are described.
By Design, No 6, Spring 2011. Pages: 14-15

A hole in one for water conservation.
Author: Gary Player
PLAYER Magazine spoke to Gary Player about his passion for water conservation in the golf course design industry, and about a new device that will help detect and sense whether courses are getting too much or too little water.
Activate! emagazine, March 2011.,bgT33JwT

Golf courses benefit people & wildlife.
Author: Dr Michael J Hurdzan
On the golf course the combination of mowed turf, trees and natural areas provides a diverse environment for people and wildlife. Preserving these green spaces improves the environmental quality of the entire community.
Activate! emagazine, March 2011.,bgT33JwT

Golf - the Game

The 21st century club - preparing your club for the neXt generation.
Author: Mark Diedrich
As a member of Generation X myself, as well as principal of Kuo Diedrich Architects, a firm specializing in the design of golf clubhouses, this article sums up my thoughts on how the club industry can better serve Gen Xers.
Activate! emagazine, April 2011.,bgT33JwT

GPS: the next generation.
Author: David Bowers
Technology is continually evolving, and event he humble golf car can do a lot more than just carry clubs.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 34-35

UMaine develops golf ball made from lobster shells.
David Neivandt, a professor of biological and chemical engineering, has developed a biodegradable golf ball made with lobster shells. It is intended for use on cruise ships, and it has outstanding flight properties. It's completely eco-friendly.
Maine Business Bangor Daily News, April 8 2011.

Golf 20/20 - a shing star for the golf industry.
Author: Cathy Harbin
In November 2008, GOLF 20/20 introduced a new player development programme that was designed to bring people to golf in a fast, fun and affordable manner. Currently, there are over 1,600 Get Golf Ready facilities and over 34,000 participants.
Activate! emagazine, April 2011.,bgT33JwT,w


Scarify now to give turf a spring boost.
It is time to go back to mechanical methods to rejuvenate turf, which can offer significant financial and environmental benefits, suggests Tim Merrell of the Grass Group.
Golf Business News, March 15 2011.

Putting green aeration.
Author: Darin S Bevard
Aeration is performed for the health of the grass and, ultimately, the playability of the putting greens. Greens with less organic matter, properly managed through aeration and other techniques, will be better greens on a season-long

USGA Green Section Record,Vol 49, no 9, March 4 2011. Pages: 1-3

Moss in turf and hard surfaces.
Author: Graham Paul
Some advice on clearing moss.
Greenkeeper International, March 2011. Pages: 43-45

Milestones in golf and turfgrass management.
Author: Stan Zontek
There are a number of new products, progammes, and procedures that have changed the game of golf and turfgrass management.
USGA Green Section Record, Vol 49, no 14, April 8 2011. Pages: 1-5

Hedging your bets.
Author: Steve Moul
It is worth considering a traditional hedge as opposed to a fence or a wall when looking at boundaries. The extra height and thickness of a hedge is an effective way of fitlering out high noise levels and providing increased shelter from cold winds.
Greenkeeper International, March 2011. Pages: 38-41

Greens that beat the rain.
Author: Charmian Robinson
Sandslitting the greens at Foxhills Golf Club and Resort has solved ongoing drainage problems.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 40-41


Open Gives Scotland a £100m Benefit
The R&A and EventScotland announce that the 150th Anniversary Open Championship staged in St Andrews, last year, delivered a combined £100 million benefit to Scotland.
Golf Business News, March 17 2011.

Sultanate of swing (The Sultanate of Oman).
Author: Nick Bayly
Following the opening of its first fully grassed 18-hole championship course, The Sultanate of Oman is joining a growing list of Gulf States embracing golf to enhance its attraction to tourists.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 31-33

By Royal appointment (Kingdom of Morocco).
Author: Mark Alexander
A profile of Morocco, where Marrakesh may be on the verge of establishing itself as a bona fide golfing destination.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 25-27

Rees Jones brings his special magic touch to Asia.
The golf course design firm of Rees Jones inc, founded in 1974 is increasing its presence in Asia - a region that it considers to hold out the most promise for the development and growth of golf in the future.
Asian Golf Business, April 2011. Pages: 22-28

Real value of trade show - why Asia needs more of them.
Author: James Graham Prusa
Trade shows are truly educational in themselves. Walking around a floor of equipment, vendors and suppliers is a necessary learning experience. It creates an awareness of the scope and technology in the industry.
Asian Golf Business, April 2011. Pages: 62-70

With Olympics coming, golf world turns to Brazil
With Rio de Janeiro preparing for golf's return to the Olympics some of the sport's top names are starting to show an interest in the opportunity to design the course that will host the historic tournament at the 2016 Games.
Golfweek, March 5 2011.

New golf academy at Moscow’s Olympic Stadium.
Thomson Perrett & Lobb, the company founded by five-times Open Champion Peter Thomson with partners Ross Perrett and Tim Lobb, has announced work will commence on the new golf academy at Moscow’s Luzhniki Olympic Complex in the spring.
Golf Business News, March 16 2011.

Doak to consult at Royal Melbourne.
Royal Melbourne Golf Club, regularly named as one of the world's top ten courses, has appointed American designer Tom Doak as its consulting architect.
Golf Course Architecture, 15 March 2011.

Celtic Manor Wales Open boost for local economy.
Spectators attending The 2010 Celtic Manor Wales Open golf tournament spent more than £1.5m in Newport and South Wales, according to an economic impact study. Details of a separate study commissioned for The 2010 Ryder Cup will be released in March.
Golf Business News, March 8th 2011.

Construction begins on new Woosnam course in St Kitts.
Construction is underway at Kittitian Hill, a new 18 hole golf course on the island of St Kitts in the Caribbean, designed by Gary Johnston, of European Golf Design, in association with US Masters winner and 2006 Ryder Cup Captain Ian Woosnam.
Golf Business News, March 9th 2011.

Icelandic golf makes country-wide OnCourse pledge.
Sustainable golf leadership was demonstrated on an unprecedented scale today as every one of Iceland’s sixty-two golf clubs pledged to achieve the GEO Certified award.
Golf Business News, March 9th 2011.

Who wins the 2018 Ryder Cup?
he 2018 Ryder Cup will be played somewhere in continental Europe, and five nations have pulled out all the proverbial stops in an effort to land the prized international golf event.
World Golf Report, March 30 2011.

Carnoustie Golf Links select Mackenzie & Ebert Ltd.
The Carnoustie Golf Links Management Committee (CGLMC) has appointed Mackenzie & Ebert to advise upon the improvement of all three courses at the famous links.
Golf Business News, March 23 2011.

2010 Ryder Cup was major boost to Welsh economy
Author: James Dodson
A major and comprehensive Economic Impact Study of The 2010 Ryder Cup at The Celtic Manor Resort, City of Newport, Wales, has found that the economic impact on Wales as Host Nation was £82.4 million.
Golf Business News, March 24 2011.

Zambia: Nchanga Golf Course Audit Complete
South Africa golf course experts, Mark Wiltshire and Mark Muller, have done an audit of Nchanga Golf Club in Chingola before redesigning it for the prestigious 2011 Zambia Open Championship.
The Times of Zambia, 19 February 2011.

Sustainable Development

Turfgrass reduction.
Author: ASGCA
Many golf clubs are reducing the amount of regularly maintained turfgrass on a golf course.
By Design, No 6, Spring 2011. Pages: 16-17

The greening of European golf.
Author: Steve Isaac
Steve Isaac, director of golf course management at the R&A discusses that policymaker engagement is paramount for the future sustainability of the golf industry.
Golf Management EuropeNo 77, March 2011. Pages: 28-29

Contain and sustain (lakes and reservoirs).
Author: Ellie Tait
The key to sustainability is our ability to manage our natural assets in an environmentally friendly and resourceful way, and that also includes water management.
Golf Management Europe, No 77, March 2011. Pages: 37-38

Geo's flying start for 2011.
Author: Geoff Russell
The Golf Environment Organization has got off to a good start this year in its objective of helping the industry to become greener.
Golf Business Development, Issue 10, March/April 2011. Pages: 20-21

Sustainability award for Dutch clubs.
Twenty-three golf clubs across the Netherlands have had their commitment to sustainability recognised by certification from the Golf Environment Organization (GEO).
Golf Course Architecture, 4 April 2011.


Seed the world.
Author: Dr Ruth Mann
How to get the best out of oversowing golf greens. Pus Buyer's Guide.
Greenkeeping, March 2011. Pages: 10-15

A for anthracnose.
Author: Dr Terry Mabbett
An examination of the counrty's most common turf disease.
Greenkeeper International, March 2011. Pages: 46-49

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